Hello world!

I was born in 1972, when Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. But no, I am not going back that far.  That is too many moons ago. However, one should know that all those years translate to numerous places visited and a bounty of scrumptious food devoured.  Kidding!  Who remembers that far back and has photographic documentation of the same!  I can only, and shall, do my utmost to display what I hope will tantalize your senses.

Let me start at the beginning, where I came from – the Philippines.

This is Alabat Island, in the province of Quezon, south of the capital city, Manila.  This small town, where everyone knows all residents, is where I was born and raised.  I lived here for the first 12 years of my life.

Alabat, Port of
Entry to the island of Alabat
Island of Alabat in Quezon Province
Small town by the sea
Philippines Alabat 03
Alabat Island, where roads are narrow

As an island girl, I had often wished I was a city girl who lived a stone-throw away from the country’s commercial capital, Makati.  I love its high-rise buildings and huge shopping malls although the city would not be the interest of the tourists.

Makati City, Philippines
Makati City, Philippines
Shopping in Makati, Philippines
Shopping in Makati, Philippines

Rarely is there a time when I talk about me and being Filipino that I do not mention my favorite refreshment, halo-halo. Have you tried it?


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