Love Paris

In relation to the recent terror attacks in Paris, I came across a few posts on Facebook that I may be misinterpreting, as I do have the tendency to attach emotions to actions even when I know that I should not.  However, I can’t help but feel as though some people are almost bitter about the majority of the social media population sympathizing for Paris, France but not for Beirut, Lebanon and other victims of terrorism or even natural disasters.

Firstly, no offence to most of us but we really are more of a sheep than a lion (if there is such a thing).  We – meaning most of us and NOT all of us – are followers and we go where the influence is.  Someone, or even an organization, with a decent following started #PrayforParis and we sympathize with Paris.  You want people to pray for Lebanon, Japan and others?  Then start the campaign to spread the awareness.  In fact, I saw that #PrayforParis now has the company of #PrayforLebanon, #PrayforJapan, #PrayforMexico, #PrayforBaghdad and #Prayforworldpeace.

Personally, I think that people must realize that it’s easier for some (or maybe most) of us, with “overcrowded” minds [and some even hearts] to sympathize with what we know and what we can relate and connect with.  People [in the know] shouldn’t judge others who feel no “strong connection” to other places [people] that are victims of terrorism and/or natural disasters.  Is it not a good enough start for us to extend ourselves even a little outside of us and sympathize with Paris because we know of Paris, of France?  Perhaps, most of us are able to “feel” for Paris because we have visited and enjoyed the city, or have lived there, or have family, relatives and/or friends there.  Why focus on what we’re not doing?  Why not appreciate that we can pray for another, be it only Paris, instead of simply continuing to pray for ourselves and our own desires and wishes alone!  Those who know of incidents elsewhere and sympathize with the victims must then start the awareness.  Instead of questioning why the whole of social media world prays for Paris and not for Lebanon, Japan, etc., why not “educate” us and spread the awareness instead of trivializing our sympathy for Paris.

Terrible news that tend to conjure up negative energies in us are abound and some of us choose to limit the negativity that we allow in our lives.  Therefore, we avoid the news.  We only get to know of the more popular happenings because we cannot avoid them as we live our simple lives, scrolling down our Facebook newsfeed.

One day, I will visit Mexico and Japan, perhaps even Lebanon and Baghdad, then I will have a personal connection with the countries and their people.  Until then, allow me – in peace – to grieve with and for the Parisians because once upon a time, I got lost in their train system and despite the language barrier, I got assistance from a helpful and kind train [Parisian] personnel.  I have a connection with Paris because I once climbed the Eiffel Tower on foot, walked along Avenue Des Champs-Elysees and Paris’ other streets as I got lost in the city a couple of times and then found my way around again, and had to fend off an amorous Frenchman who tried to pick me up as I made my way from the hotel to the train station. In fact, I was already in love with the French even before Paris, when a French lady officer in London St. Pancras told me that I was hot.  Yes, I am shallow!  Yes, my world is small and I tend to have in it only those who contribute to it, significantly or otherwise, and those who stroke my ego even a little.  Thus, my sympathy for anything outside of me is truly a big deal, so please do allow me that.  After all, I’m not hurting anyone in the process, am I?

Don’t judge me [us]! Don’t downplay and discount what I’m [we’re] capable of doing, of what I’m [we’re] doing!  Or do you really want me [us] to just talk about the Kardashians?

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Climbing up the Eiffel Tower on foot
Climbing up the Eiffel Tower on foot
Lost in Paris
Lost in Paris
Not-so-lost in Paris
Not-so-lost in Paris, although I didn’t need to be around here.  It was only later on that I needed to tackle the shopping part of my trip.
Streets of Paris
Walking the streets of Paris
Lost in Paris
Is it obvious that I was not where I wanted to be? I did eventually find my way.

6 thoughts on “Love Paris

  1. Absolutely agree with you! I think this kind of connection is individual, and cannot be generalized. For some people, Paris might be an ordinary city, but for others like you the city has a special meaning. The same goes for me when Berlin was attacked. I live in Hamburg (200km away from Berlin) but I have relatives, friends, and memories there. I am linked to that place that’s why I am more sentimental when it is wounded.

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    1. Thank you for understanding my view. I think generalization or vanilla-type of thinking confuses people and makes them forget emotions and attachments. Plus, there really isn’t a reason to make some of us feel bad because we feel the pain when a place we have affinity with is wounded.
      Thank you for dropping by and for commenting. I’m loving your posts. I think it’s time to visit Europe again. 😊

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      1. A friend from Sacramento CA and I am thinking of meeting up in Europe and not quite sure where to go. When we know when and for how long, I’ll definitely pick your brain. 😊 Thanks so much.

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