Victoria Falls – A Royal in Livingstone

Zambia was not only the place where I celebrated my 18th birthday, my coming of age, I lived there for about 2 ½ years. My first visit to Victoria Falls was in 1988, just before my return to the Philippines. It is rather unfortunate that I cannot seem to find right now even a single picture of the first time I saw the beauty of Victoria Falls. However, I can show you how I looked then. We all need a laugh every now and then.

Livingstone 01 (1988)

It would take more than 25 years for me to go back to Livingstone; we were on holiday in Kasane, northern part of Botswana, less than 100km away from Livingstone. Despite the short distance, driving from Botswana takes longer than the usual trip that involves crossing borders because the two countries have Zambezi River between them. A bridge will soon connect them but for now, the ferries are a necessity.

Considering that I have had the privilege of appreciating the majestic falls twice in my lifetime, I have to say that I still need to go back to Livingstone/Victoria Falls for the following reasons, which are purely personal:

  • I would like to see this nature’s wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the entire 1.7km length and 108m height of it, as one whole, thus, flying over it.
  • I would like to see Livingstone’s falls in high flow.
  • I would like to view the falls from the Zimbabwean side as I had always been in Zambia on my 2 visits.
  • I might find some courage and an adventurous spirit to try an activity or two other than simply enjoying this spectacular wonder.

For now, at least, even if the angel I don’t like [so much… at all..?] comes to fetch me, I have been lucky twice already and in both occasions, I reveled in the splendor of God’s creation in the company of people I love.

David Livingstone’s Victoria Falls, named after the reigning queen at that time, also known to the locals as Mosi-oa-Tunya (“the smoke that thunders”), is truly breath-taking and a must add to everyone’s bucket list. I find both the river and the falls really awe-inspiring. I didn’t even care about my hair getting wet or getting a bit of a shower from falls’ spray. It was worth it. After all, there are umbrellas that we can carry to avoid getting too wet. Better yet, next time, since I’m going during the rainy season/high flow, I will wear a rain coat.

Livingstone 06

Livingstone 10

Livingstone 09

Livingstone 11

Since I was already spoiling myself, I only needed to satisfy the call of my stomach… although it was probably not so much my tummy. I wanted to watch the rain from my comfortable seat in Royal Livingstone during high tea, still enjoying the beauty of my surroundings. This luxury perfectly sealed my beautiful day in Livingstone.

Livingstone 13

Livingstone 12

Just a word of caution for my fellow visitors from neighboring African countries; set your mobile phone to connect manually to a network while roaming so that you can choose the network that has the least data cost. It is just so unnecessary to pay 10 times for checking in on Swarm or Facebook wherever you go.

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