Sun City

If I lived in Los Angeles, I would often visit Las Vegas. (It is not that Sun City can be compared to Las Vegas but I guess it’s the best we can do here in South Africa.) Since I live in Johannesburg, I frequent Sun City instead.

Sun City 201601 (00)
Sun City Resort Entrance

Sun City Resort in the Northwest Province, a couple of hours away from Johannesburg, is a favorite of many local South Africans, especially those from Gauteng Province and the other nearby towns. Before 1994, Sun City was part of Bophuthatswana, a kingdom separate from the Republic of South Africa. It was a gambling paradise. Nowadays, there is hardly gambling, with the casino found only in Sun City Hotel, one of the hotels in the resort. It is still popular as there are many activities in the resort and it is a good conference venue.

The resort has four (4) hotels, being The Palace in the Lost City, Cascades, Sun City Hotel and Cabanas. Although I have seen the interior of the hotel, I have not stayed at The Palace. It is on my bucket list and it doesn’t even have to be the most expensive suite or room. The hotel, with the resort, except for some adjustments according to the requirements of the movie, I suppose, is the setting for the most part of Adam Sandler’s movie, “Blended”. Don’t expect to see game (animals) in the resort as depicted in the movie. You will have to go to the nearby Pilanesberg National Park. The Cabanas is the family-friendly accommodation option and the most reasonable.

The Cascades Hotel

Sun City Hotel & Cabanas

Sun City 2014 (14)
Sun City – The Royal Bath
Sun City 2014 (15)
Sun City – The Royal Bath

There is also the self-catering option at the Sun Vacation Club. This is the best option when going to the resort for a longer stay and when in a bigger group.

Sun Vacation Club

I have been going to Sun City since 1993, when I still lived in Botswana. 22 years is a lot of years! There have been many changes to the resort in the last 20 years. Perhaps that’s why it’s not easy to tire of the place. Unless staying for a week, a day visit, or even a weekend, is only not enough. In fact, I still have not done any water activities in the resort. Then again, I am not big on sports and water, separately or together, although I do like to hang out by the pools or the artificial beach and I do play golf.

The resort has 2 golf courses, both designed by the legend, Gary Player. I have not played the Gary Player Golf Course (GPGC) yet but I enjoyed my round at the Lost City Golf Course (LCGC). I had thought that I would play last month or this month but the heat had been almost unbearable and the Northwest Province is even hotter than the Gauteng Province. Oh, and there is no golf carts allowed in GPGC while playing. One has the walk the 7 km or so. In the heat, it is not so inviting.

Gary Player Golf Course

Lost City Golf Course

There is Kamp Kwena for the children. I have not been back there since I took my son about 15 years ago. I know that it is a lot of fun for the little ones. In these modern times though, the young ones would probably have more fun in the arcade, which the resort has, too, located in the Entertainment Center. It is closed from today for most of the year, until October, for refurbishment.

Sun City 2014 (19)
Sun City Entertainment Center Arcade

The popular and favorite Valley of the Waves, which has just gone through some renovations last South African winter, has for its main attraction an artificial beach (the resort’s official website calls it the Roaring Lagoon). It is a 6 500 square meter wave pool with hydraulic mechanisms that generate waves of nearly 2 meters high every 90 seconds. Other attractions are the Temple of Courage, the Lazy River, the Maze, the forest and many more. I’m not brave so I have never, and will not ever, try the Temple of Courage. It is no standard slide in the part as it has a 17-meter drop down the 70-meter slide.

Check out Sun City’s official website as this blog is about my fun in Sun City, showcased by my pictures, which I hope will entice you to visit Sun City.








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