Amsterdam – Pictures Gallery

Amsterdam's bicycles
Amsterdam’s bicycles

I don’t suppose that people visit Amsterdam for its beauty although it is a lovely city. I like Amsterdam for its vibe and friendliness. I also find the city’s bicycles and waterways interesting.

There is enough to see in the city. The buildings are pleasant sights and it is quite fun to watch the people. Considering the exchange rate, having drinks at the Dam Square can be an expensive exercise. So, we sat facing the square, checking out other tourists, having our one drink each.

Anne Frank Huis (the old house where she hid with other Jews) is a must visit, especially if you’ve read the The Diary of Anne Frank. I couldn’t help but feel so much admiration and awe… and pain. At the same time, I am sure that you will also feel total gratitude for your life as I did.

Amsterdam - Anne Frank Huis
Amsterdam – Anne Frank Huis

Do you have this on your traffic lights? I thought it was cool. I am rather shallow and easy to please.

Amsterdam - traffic light
Amsterdam – traffic light

 Me and signs… I know. 😝

It’s not really worth it to visit the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum but I had some spare time while waiting for my friends.

In Utrecht, there is a bar/restaurant, called Olivier, which was originally a hidden church. The Catholic in me was not very pleased about the disrespect but we’re talking about Holland so we make some exemptions… and I even posed for a couple of pictures. This is definitely worth the visit. Rather skip Madame Tussaud and take the 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

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We also tried another restaurant in Amsterdam for some local cuisine.

Amsterdam Restaurant for local cuisine
Amsterdam Restaurant for local cuisine
Amsterdam - local cuisine
Amsterdam – local cuisine

And of course, you have to experience Amsterdam’s night life and see some of those images that may otherwise shock you. Understandably, you can bet that I have some pictures that were deliberately excluded from this gallery. I did visit both the sex and hemp museums, of course.

A night out can leave you exhausted and that 3am train ride convinced me that when I go back to Netherlands, I will go where there’s fresh air, tulips and windmills.


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