Travel Expo

Travel Expo 2016

The Travel Expo, hosted by Flight Center, took place last month. I also went to the one that was held last year and I really don’t think that there was anything different this year. Apart from inspirations and ideas we know we will find at the expo, we hope to find bargains.

However, the promotional prices did not seem too special, which could be attributed to the Rand that has been constantly plunging in the recent years.  Flight Center quoted us their best price but we found a better Johannesburg-Manila flight online. They did give us an alternative flight which was slightly cheaper than our online find, with Etihad, via Abu Dhabi.

Travel Expo 2016

We checked out the stall of India and it was pretty inviting. The people were also friendly. I just don’t know if I’m ready to visit India.

Travel Expo 2016

My first international flight out of the Philippines was in 1986. My mother was taking me to Zambia where we would be based for the next couple of years. We had an overnight stay in Mumbai, still Bombay then. I was almost a teenager so it cannot be that I don’t remember but I really only saw the airport and the hotel and nothing in between. I don’t even remember the streets. Maybe it’s because my mother doesn’t have wanderlust in her blood so we were there purely to get some sleep in comfort. It was also night time.

Travel Expo 2016

So, perhaps I will visit India one day… when my little princess is old enough. She seems to love travelling already. She enjoys even the long flights and all touristy stuff.

And travel I will, but I am not the adventurous traveler. I am a typical tourist who loves to go where all tourists go to see what everyone else wants to see, and take pictures of them.

Apart from the necessary trip I need to make to Manila, I intend to spend Christmas in Denmark. My fingers are crossed. Then, I hope to visit Turkey this year, not only because Turkish Airline gave me a lovely Chopard cosmetics purse at the expo but because I do find the place rather interesting. I was also assured that it is safe to travel there and the biggest plus is flights to Turkey are the cheapest [international] flights out of South Africa.

Travel Expo 2016

All other trips will be spontaneous. We never know where we will be called, right?

Travel Expo 2016


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