Sunday Golf

To say that golfing on a Sunday in Jackal Creek Golf Course is nothing like Sunday golf in the Johannesburg Country Club is an understatement. Sunday golf in Jackal Creek is probably more for forever-beginner-golfers like me (no offense) – chilled, relaxed, no strict dress code and you don’t even have to play all the holes like the father and son 2-ball who opted not to play a lovely par 3 over the water. I guess it was fine because the father was coaching the son. Perhaps strict adherence to the R&A is optional.

Jackal Creek Golf 03

My husband and I play with our toddler in tow. She seems to like golf. I must remember to buy her junior clubs. She likes to putt and she tried to hit from the tee twice, with the help of her dad. It is all for fun. Jackal Creek works for us.

The green fee is reasonable. With a golf cart, our 2-ball cost R 790. We didn’t use a caddie or spotter so one less item to pay for. I would normally have a spotter at least but husbands can do the spotting. The “halfway house” was reasonable enough, too. There is the proper halfway house between the 9th and 10th holes but we had our sustenance halfway through the round in the main clubhouse building. I like the clubhouse.

Jackal Creek Golf 05aJackal Creek Golf 05b

The 10th tee is far from the pro-shop and the clubhouse, far from the 1st tee actually, but we started late and the marshal said that we could start at the 10th. It was an adventure getting to the 10th, dodging the balls of the other golfers and some not-so-senior-but-old-enough citizens were taken aback slightly as we were heading the opposite direction. They pointed the right path to us. The club shouldn’t probably allow players to play the back nine first.

Overall, I am not so sure about the course layout but I didn’t find it too user-friendly. I don’t think that it flows smoothly. But I can’t really be a source of information for golf. I simply enjoy the game and I do not necessarily understand all of the technical aspects of the game and the course. Next time, I will get my husband’s technical input.

It is still great to be out there. Nature is beautiful and others can say whatever they want but a golf course adds to its natural beauty.

The condition of the course when we played was good enough though. After all, Johannesburg had a lot of rain lately, although that contributed to a bit of a soft muddy ground especially in front of the greens. Some roughs were too rough though and most of the fairway bunkers were under repair.

Jackal Creek Golf 09

Sometimes we encounter something strange and in this case it was an old woman who seemed lost as she wanders off around the course. Or she could have been stalking the fox that we saw at a distance.

Jackal Creek Golf 10

I must say though that the clothes hanging in the balconies took away from the overall look of the course. But maybe I should not have in mind the golf courses on the coasts and the wildlife resorts.

Jackal Creek Golf 11aJackal Creek Golf 11b

My game was disappointing but I still enjoyed it tremendously. Being more a social golfer than a serious one, I enjoy my golf except when the sun is too hot or when it rains. My putting was better than on my last game. What bothered me is how I messed up a few drives because I normally drive well. I do need to go to golf practice and regularly, and not because I want to play as well as my husband does.


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I started playing golf for fun; now I have to break 100 if I want to keep having fun with golf.

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    1. Hi Jeanette. Sorry, been so hectic last month and I couldn’t attend to all personal mails. I think I did see it but swamped prior to trip and didn’t really get to do much of traveling while there. In the Metro the whole time. How are you?


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