What I love about San Lameer

Golf! I love golf in San Lameer. I love golf and therefore, I love San Lameer. Okay, I like both golf and San Lameer. Still, as much as there are many golf courses that golfers can play and love, there are a lot of reasons to love San Lameer.

San Lameer Resort and Golf Estate is located in Southbroom, on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. It’s a day’s drive from Johannesburg, about 9 hours, although there was a time we¬†took¬†a break from the long drive and slept in Pietermaritzburg. It is far for a Joburger so do stay for at least the whole of a 5-day week or the 4-day weekend. There is of course the option of¬†the 40-minute flight to Durban and drive on a rental to the South Coast.

My first time in San Lameer, in the early 2000s, was not good albeit not a fault of the resort. I was there as a guest of a boyfriend who was attending a work seminar/training. Suffice it to say that although I enjoyed a day relaxing with a book on the beach and had a ball at the group’s first night’s dinner and dance, I ended up scandalously swearing at the erring boyfriend while I was at the hotel reception waiting¬†to hand in the villa keys. We ended up leaving that same evening instead of the next day, me in a huff. ¬†You can only imagine that much younger version of me totally aggravated and livid. ¬†I refused to be nice just for the sake of being kind. ¬†Back in those days, I insisted on being right than being happy.

More than ten years later, much calmer and having learned the benefits of happiness over righteousness, the bad memory of San Lameer has been erased. ¬†This is not to say that our week in San Lameer was perfect. ¬†Again, the resort cannot be blamed at all. ¬†I am no walkover or doormat so any¬†crime¬†is punished appropriately. ¬†At least, I forgive much more quickly now. ¬†Holidays are more fun and I’m able to truly appreciate a beautiful place such as San Lameer.

It was in San Lameer where I first held a golf club and tried to learn golf. ¬†I was so naive to think that an hour lesson from my boyfriend would equip me for a round with him. ¬†I was so awful that I gave up before I started. ¬†This was how I ended up on the beach the whole day. ¬†It was great to be able to finally play San Lameer. ¬†The course is beautiful. ¬†It is one of the loveliest¬†courses I’ve played. ¬†It may not be as pretty as Pinnacle Point but it is more than pleasing to the eyes.

I¬†also didn’t find the course too difficult to play. ¬†It doesn’t mean though that I played well. I am pretty shallow and one great hole makes me happy even if the other 17 are mediocre or just okay. ¬†I will go back to the course because of one fantastic hole.

It helped tremendously that we stayed in one of the luxury units of Golf Resorts Club, which means that it has a bit of extra for its guests, including a golf cart.

The balcony of our self-catering three-bedroom villa was the perfect place to chill while enjoying the view.  Birds even came to join us lounging around.

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Apart from being a charming resort with a gorgeous golf course and access to a beach, there are a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy.  Guests of all ages can play various sports and games.  There is also a spa for those needing some pampering and grooming. A convenience store is located in the resort and the hotel has a restaurant.

If the resort is not enough, there are places to explore around the area.  Mac Banana and Wild Coast Sun Resort and Casino in Port Edward is not too far.  Heading the opposite direction, Blue Lagoon in Margate is another place to check out.  The Waffle House is a must try.

San Lameer Trip - Mac Banana

San Lameer Trip - Mac Banana

We will definitely go back to San Lameer for another great week of relaxation, golf, beach, sightseeing and eating.

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      Thank you for dropping by ūüôā Hugs xx

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