The Palace of The Lost City (Part 1)

The Palace 01A
This is Part 1 because I cannot possibly have only one post about The Palace of The Lost City.

The Palace (Hotel) has been on my bucket list for a long time. I had to wait for Sun International to run a promotion so I would not feel terrible spending some hard-earned money on “accommodation”.  While the rich and other privileged people may frequent this hotel, a stay here is a luxury weekend away for us. The Palace is more than just an accommodation.  It is worth the splurge. I would work my arse off and sacrifice smaller luxury items for this lavish treat. Maybe next time we won’t even need an occasion to be a little extravagant. Despite the winter special, this is an out of the ordinary celebration of a birthday and Father’s Day. Like I said though, it is absolutely worth it.

The Palace 01B
I’m relaxing by the pool right now. It is a beautiful warm winter’s day. (Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for tomorrow with the predicted cold front.) There are some guests swimming, in fact, although mostly children. They don’t seem to get cold easily. I do, so I’m writing while relaxing after lunch.

From the time we got out of the car (although they might have wanted to get rid of my little Polo Vivo in a hurry), we’ve received excellent service from everyone. Bags were swiftly out of the car and on to the trolley and a dedicated hostess was guiding us to check in. We were offered our welcome drink – hot chocolate or apple juice. The check in process was quick and painless. (The whole online booking and confusion will be for another day’s post.)

I actually think that we owe our hostess a tip. We tipped our porter but having had no experience with a dedicated hostess who accompanies the guests to the room, to tell us about the hotel and resort amenities and how to access them, my husband didn’t think hostesses are tipped.

Our luxury family room is a first for us. I knew somehow that I would not be disappointed with the hotel, in general, having been here before although not as a hotel guest, but I wasn’t sure if the rooms would be better than all others we’ve stayed in so far. I was told they are quite ordinary. No, they are no ordinary City Lodge hotel room. The Palace’s 5 stars are deserved.

The Palace 01C

But more later. For now, I need to get to high tea.

Oh, the free uncapped WiFi is fast.

The Palace 01D

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