The Palace

It has been over a month ago since my last post here.  That’s awful.  I feel awful.

It has been almost two months since our stay at The Palace of the Lost City in Sun City and I have not posted more about the hotel and/or weekend away as I said I would on that first Palace post

Do please pardon me.

As I  ease back into my blogging routine, I’ve chosen the easiest part for this second installment on “The Palace”.

Arriving at the hotel, I chose a hot chocolate drink instead of juice for a bit of warmth on a cold winter’s night. I just loved the little luxuries, noting the beautiful tiny cup and saucer.

The Palace Part2 01

I am sure that the process of checking in would have gone painlessly and smoothly but because we booked a promotional offer, there was a need to make sure if it really did not include breakfast. Fortunately, I am not a breakfast eater so having the breakfast excluded from the promo did not bother me. Hubby likes his breakfast but he did not want to pay over ZAR250 for the buffet.

I would like to digress a little here as we have since taken a trip to KwaZulu-Natal a month ago and I have discovered a problem The Palace – the other hotels are no match at all.  The Hilton in Durban is a good hotel.  It has a lovely reception.  It is welcoming and guests are made to feel important and special. After all, it is not City Lodge or Garden Court, but with The Palace in mind, our room at the Hilton seemed like a City Lodge room. I must say though that the pastries and cakes are delicious. 😝

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Perhaps not all will agree with me, and the room could have used a bit more of lighting although that would change the  intended ambience, but being an “economy” (not luxury) traveler, I was totally and absolutely ecstatic about our room. Here are some pictures.

My toddler immediately proceeded to have fun. She had picked the bathroom, most especially the closet, was her favorite space.  She loved those double doors.

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There was more than enough refreshments available in the room. By the time the picture was taken, we had already added to the stash in the mini bar. I loved it that there was Nespresso and there was a choice of flavors.  There was not just any tea, there was TWG. The only shortcoming was the missing green tea but I could let that slide, too. I’ve been known to carry around in my handbag green tea bags. 😂

Nespresso made by husband and Sally Williams chocolate nougat dropped off by housekeeping later and I was relaxed in front of the TV.

The room’s interior was not the only great thing about our weekend accommodation. (And I’m not talking about the hotel or resort overall! Not just yet.) We had access to a forest-like garden right outside of our door from where we could see the swimming pool area. We were lucky to have a fine, warm Saturday. (Post on the hotel’s pool area will follow.)

Do beware of the monkeys plotting to enter your room. You have been warned. 😄

The Palace - Room
Warning Sign 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m happy you like the pics. There are actually more to come. 😊 Resizing the photos so it doesn’t take long to download especially with slow connection takes a bit longer… day job and domestic duties. She’s a handful but can’t stay upset with her. 😆

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