Thank you

Gracias – Salamat – Dankie – Ke a leboga – Ngiyabonga

Gracias! I am learning Spanish. Also, Aguilar (my father’s family name) would normally be a native of Spain (although we’re not).

I am Filipino by blood. Salamat!

The Van Der Merwe in me says, “Dankie!” (I’m told that “van der” is not supposed to supposed to be capitalized. I have to read more about why and if there is a difference between Van Der Merwe, Van der Merwe and van der Merwe.)

“Thank you” in Tswana is “Ke a leboga”. Setswana (Tswana) is the language in Botswana where I lived for a couple of years. It is also spoken in certain areas in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

In Zulu, the mother tongue of the President of South Africa and the people of KwaZulu Natal, one of the country’s 11 official languages, it is “Ngiyabonga”.


I just want to thank all of you for your support. This blog (FoodTravelTour) reached the 100-Followers mark a few days ago. It means a lot to me to have you, my wonderful fellow bloggers, as part of my WordPress community.  Connecting with you is something for which I am grateful.

I also recently had the privilege and pleasure of conveying my gratitude to the lovely people who follow my Poetry, Prose, Musings blog. Today, my “Thank you!” is sent to you from me with love.

I started this blog last year with the hope of blogging [first] about our family’s trip to California. I really thought that I would be able to write while traveling. I was able to do some work but not blog. Then, back from vacation, work commitments prevented me from getting on with this project. It could be an excuse but I am sticking to my story. 🙂

I don’t even know what pushed me to finally get cracking with it. Whatever it was, I’m glad. My 1st post is dated the 29th of April 2015 only because I had written the title and the first lines on that day. I had left it for months and only completed the post in November 2015, just before my 2nd post. I didn’t realize then that the date was the original date of the 1st draft. Even if I had seen the date before posting, I didn’t know then how to change that.

It took me almost a year to get to 100+ but I am not in a hurry. I remain blissfully grateful! Perhaps when I am able to post more frequently and on a more regular or routine basis, it would be okay for me to expect great progress with respect to followers. For now, I am happy enough.

Thank you!




4 thoughts on “Thank you

    1. Oh yeah, it’s always great! It’s fantastic! 🙂 I’ll be going back to your old posts, too, as I look forward to new posts. I’m a little erratic with posting and sometimes sooo very late (haha!) but I get there. And thanks again, Jess. 🙂 Lotsa love.. Mwah! Anne xxx


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