Great Delight in Glendale

A short video of our trolley ride:

The Americana at Brand

Not far from Pasadena is Glendale. The city is 13km away from both downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena. Before my visit to the States, I had not heard of Glendale yet it is the 3rd largest city in the LA Country. It is almost bigger than 9th-ranked Pasadena.

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We went to Glendale as we were meeting up with my friend from college and she thought it would be great for us to go to Filipino restaurant. Africa (South Africa and Botswana) does not have Filipino food except home-cooked. Max’s in Glendale was a good recommendation.

The Americana at Brand
The Americana at Brand
The Americana at Brand
Residences at The Americana
The Americana at Brand

While Pasadena is a personal favorite, Glendale comes close. Having worked in the property industry and learned everything about shopping centers, it is easy to fall in love with Glendale’s The Americana at Brand. It is not your usual stuffy mall. The Americana at Brand is an outdoor shopping center. I do think that it has a lot of character. I love the trolley and the fountain, a la Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. However, what stands out the most for me is being able to sit on the lovely grass by the fountains, with blankets provided by the center’s developer/owner at no cost.

Like Old Pasadena, The Americana on Brand is clean. Then again, all the places we visited in the US are clean. South Africa, in general, isn’t dirty but there is a stark difference in the cleanliness and it cannot be ignored. I think that another huge difference between the countries is that in the States (at least where I have been) I could leave my toddler’s stroller in one place and it would not disappear. I found it where I left it every single time. I didn’t try leaving a purse or bag or any small-sized valuable lying around unattended so don’t try it.

You will find those strollers where you left them, promise 🙂

I do like The Americana at Brand a lot. I embraced it, completely and without hesitation. For more information, go to their website.

It’s my Gravatar so obviously, I love this pic 🙂 …as much as I love The Americana at Brand

What’s not to love? A plus is that there’s a restaurant that serves my favorite halo-halo. Yum!

My favorite halo-halo, Filipino dessert, at Max’s Restaurant in Glendale

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