Local Hangout

I have a plan to do a post on my local hangout but I am far from ready. It’s a huge place that seems to always change. I am often surprised by new things that pop up. More importantly, I need to take more pictures. I have quite a lot already but there are nooks and crannies that must still be captured. I also have to go through all the old photographs to find ones of my neighborhood entertainment place.








My local hangout is Montecasino (“Monte”) in Fourways. It is about 5km or so from home so one can say it is my second home. πŸ™‚ Thousands of local tourists – South African from out of town – visit Tsogo Sun’s Monte. It is our little Italy. It has the Teatro for huge productions and a smaller theater for the smaller or local ones. There is also Parkers, a comedy club. The complex has 14 cinemas and an arcade. Outside is the Piazza where sporting events and other outdoor activities take place. Lastly, for the bird lovers, Montecasino has a Bird Gardens. I will do a full post only on the Bird Gardens at a later time.














It shouldn’t really be a place international tourists go to but it has three hotels and another across the road (not belonging to the same resort/hotel group). I suppose those stopping in Johannesburg enroute to the Kruger National Park or Cape Town may end up here. The tourists do need to eat and Montecasino has at least 15 restaurants, excluding the Spur and Ocean Basket at the Food Court. The place has absolutely everything – Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian. There is carvery/buffet, coffee shops, cafe style restaurants.

Oh, it is a casino.

14 thoughts on “Local Hangout

  1. In Singapore the Marina Bay sands or Resorts world on Sentosa are packaged as “integrated resorts” – ie the casino must not take up the majority of the floor area. This ensures that the resorts cater to a wider audience. It must be the same at Monte!

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    1. That’s fantastic. It’s best like that because visitors are not mainly gamblers. Gamblers don’t visit, actually. They come to work. Hahaha. In Monte, the casino is just a space in the middle and it definitely doesn’t take up the bulk of the space. There’s also a Resorts World in Manila. I didn’t even see the casino. I went to meet up with friends over tea and cake. 😊

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