Chaos in the city

Chaotic enough?


Not a sight to behold here in my northern Johannesburg suburban African home.


Surely, this doesn’t only paint a picture of chaos but also of danger, yet this is common in Manila / Metro Manila, Philippines.

And, this is a different kind of chaos we got to see in the Philippines this year. This was in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where we stopped for lunch on our way to Tagaytay.



Here’s a quick video. It goes crazy on 30sec mark.

I hope to get my posts on our Philippine trip done before this year ends.

A little random fact: The word “chaos” was my winning word in the Regional Spelling Bee Contest back in the early 80s. I was in grade 5. I was actually sick but I was convinced to go. I went back home to the island, with a medal and without colds and flu. 🙂

Daily Post: Photo Challenge – CHAOS

8 thoughts on “Chaos in the city

    1. Poor things are now entertainment for local tourists. Even considering the whole habitat (picture not taken) definitely still overpopulated. They seem so starved, right?
      Thank you for connecting. 💖

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    1. Maybe that’s why the President said he’ll throw thousands of criminals into the bay and feed the fish. (I’m not sure if it’s funny or ridiculous.)
      Thank you for dropping by and for your comment. xx

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