I’m a survivor

Oh, did that song get me through that awful break up! And another! And another! But not the divorce. That was ancient history. This is the story of my life. It’s practically a theme song, and I have an EP to prove it. Yes, the physical disc. 🙂

But this post isn’t about heartbreak; it’s even the wrong blog. This is Food | Travel | Tour.

It’s a different kind of surviving. 🙂

Mike, of ‘Solsbury Hill’ (Eccentric Musings and Observations), an impressive writer with a great sense of humor, created this award – Blogging Survivalist Award – for surviving his first year of blogging. His blog is terrific, by the way! Check it out here.


Here’s what Mike said:

Each journey begins with a single step.

Despite the fact that statistically, less than 10 percent of the 70 million new Blogs created each year will make it beyond 90 days, I somehow managed to survive, relatively unscathed.  Okay, a little bit scathed.

So sufficed to say, despite being in the virtual blogging fox hole for 365 days, I’ve made strides, advanced creatively, but still face challenges.  One year later I’ve yet to find my rhythm – or my niche for that matter.  And I realize that may never happen.  I’ve come to accept that Blogging doesn’t necessarily get easier with time, and perhaps that’s the point.  There is no magical elixir, no fairy dust, neither time nor experience eases the workload, the commitment, the ‘ass in the chair’ requirement.  The process cannot be circumvented for the sake of brevity, time management, or other interests.  Not successfully, anyhow.  And for good reason.  While the process remains challenging, regardless of expertise, it’s the final product that benefits.  Always.  Practice makes perfect.

You have to nominate yourself for this award. It’s pretty new so let me start with the rules as they pretty much explain the award, too.

No Blogging Award is complete without instructions for the next victim candidate:

The rules pertaining to the acceptance of the Blogging Survivalist Award (BSA) are simple:

  1. Achieve one of the following Blogging milestones: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, (beyond 10 years, you’re a Zen Master, a virtual spiritual entity – Awards are pointless).
  2. Nominate yourself for the Award.
  3. Humbly accept the Award and acknowledge yourself for the nomination.
  4. Copy and Paste the Award to your Blog (feel free to use my image or create your own).
  5. Tell the world whatever it is you feel like sharing at that particular moment.  Be nice.
  6. Bask in the spotlight for a day, then get back to work.

By the way, there’s nothing in the rules to indicate you cannot retro-post a BSA, so if you recently passed one, post away!

Food | Travel | Tour has been in existence for a year. Okay, that isn’t accurate as I created the blog in April 2015 in preparation for our trip to the States, thus, there is one post dated April. But, I got side-tracked and distracted and it only officially started on the 15th of November 2015, I’m blogging here for exactly one year.

Thus, I proudly nominate myself for reaching my 1-year milestone! Yay me!

While the nomination is a proud moment, I would like to humbly accept this self-nomination. 🙂

I tried blogging twice before, long before blogging was popular, when bloggers were mostly writers. It was an outlet as much as a “hope” to be a “proper” writer. You see, I had been writing (I would normally say “trying” but a good friend of mine tells me to minimize the self-judgement/criticism thingimajiggie). I will expound on my writing blog, ‘I think, I say, I do‘, which reaches its 1-year milestone in a couple of days, since it is probably more relevant there. Why I mention it here is because I feel that I didn’t have enough motivation to blog at that time.

Currently, I am motivated. I do hope that it lasts.  I have a feeling the motivation will last as there is a commercial purpose for a later future, not the blog per se. I hope that the blog will help with what I’d like to do later, which is tour operating.

I love food, although I don’t blog about food often. Time-constraint, or something. My Instagram has more food than this blog.

I love traveling. I have this love, maybe lust, for adventures… okay, not adventures. I’m a tourist, an Asian tourist, so I’ll be found with the rest of the tourists, in the most touristy places, taking selfies.

So yes, I survived a year! I didn’t quietly disappear into the night. I am still here, contemplating on establishing a posting routine — hopefully, before the pigs fly.

And I thank you! Heartfelt thanks to all of you. I appreciate your support. It means a lot to me to have you all in my WP community. My real life is better because of your existence in my blog world. There are almost 250 of you and I am ecstatically overjoyed. I am, of course, waiting to be over-the-moon, cloud-9 ecstatic. 🙂

There are posts that are planned for which I must make time. I have been waiting to have time and it is apparent that it isn’t going to happen so let me make time.

For now, the following, among many, are still to come. I’m making sure you come back. 🙂

Clarens, Free State, South Africa – in winter
Clarens, Free State, South Africa – in winter
Drakensberg, South Africa – in winter
Drakensberg, South Africa – in winter
Kruger National Park (Limpopo)
Kruger National Park (Limpopo), South Africa
Hans Merensky, Limpopo, South Africa
A weekend (or two) in London
A weekend (or two) in London
Intramuros Golf Course
Intramuros Golf Course
Batangas, Philippines
Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
Pinnacle Point, Mosselbaai, Western Cape, South Africa
Sun City Resort
Sun City Resort
San Francisco, California – my photobomber and me
Disneyland, Anaheim, California – “Kiss Goodnight”

Gotcha! I know, it’s like 2 seconds. 🙂 Not deliberately. I suck at taking videos.  I was so bad that I recorded Kiss Goodnight only to realize that I had the camera on mute! Clever, huh! Lol!

I am looking forward to reading your milestone post, your Blogging Survivalist Award post!

Here’s to months and months and years of happy blogging!

8 thoughts on “I’m a survivor

  1. Congratulations! So happy to see another Survivalist hit a major milestone! Your site and photos are consistently wonderful and uplifting, I wish you many more years of success. Thanks also for the shout Anne, very much appreciated. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

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