A Farm in Fourways

Fourways was not the thriving suburb that it is now. A former colleague told me that in fact there was just that main intersection with a 4-way stop “back in the days”. Thus, it became Fourways. The area was mostly agriculture. We live in Craigavon, or we’d like to say. According to the town plan, we live in Maroeladal. In fact, when Craigavon’s power goes off, we remain with electricity in our estate.

We have one of the worst traffic in our suburb, even especially on a Saturday, late morning to early afternoon. It is the norm. It is standard. Everyone knows that William Nicol is one of the worst roads in the metro. Witkoppen Road isn’t any better. Montecasino is on William Nicol and Witkoppen (and Montecasino Boulevard on the other side). Across Montecasino, on William Nicol and Montecasino Boulevard, was a nursery. It was a Keith Kirsten one, if I remember accurately. Then, the nursery disappeared and some new age (?) church appeared. I don’t know if the church is still there but these days, Fourways Farmers Market is definitely there.


I may be often spotted in the area (Montecasino complex) but because I am not an outdoorsy person, I’m not seen hanging out in Fourways Farmers Market. In fact, despite the discounted rate I get for the Bird Gardens across the Farmers Market, I have only been there probably 4 times in total since its establishment in the early 2000. There are, however, many city dwellers who visit the market.

There is music in the form of live performances and people would sit in front of the stage and elsewhere nearby for the best atmosphere in the place.



Some even make friends with the scarecrow. Lol!



We had to try it out for ourselves as we didn’t want to be the only Joburgers who have not been to the popular Farmers Market not even 10 kilometers from home.

We were a bit lost as to what was there for us so although somewhat starving already we took a walk first. After all, we couldn’t just go for the first thing we found appetizing-looking.


There was hardly place for us to call our chill zone as every tree stump was taken but we eventually got lucky and found one to share. Taking turns became the name of the game. There were actually other open stumps but where other people were congregated and that’s like invading people’s private space. *chuckle*



The queue was awfully long. It must have taken almost an hour to get to the front of the line. My son was not so happy about it but he wanted a cocktail so he queued. Worse though was that there was not much left for us. (We did go there really late, after 2pm.) Both hubby and I ended up with no cocktail but because he waited that long, my son had to have a drink from this cocktails hut. He got Gin and Pimms. Is that a cocktail?


I got a cold, mango flavored green/bubble tea. I must say that it was yummy!


The little princess was quite happy no matter what.



Perhaps, we should have decided on other drinks early on. There are quite a lot of choices. Okay, maybe not. There was sparkling wine, wine, beer, cocktails and “gin and pimms”, as per the signage. πŸ™‚

Food-wise, one could end up pigging out. I love my food so perhaps that statement would only be applicable to me and the likes of me. At least, there was a variety of healthy options. I feel that I was a bit of an epic fail (is there such, a bit & epic together?) because I didn’t get to take photos of all of them but you can take my word for it. Even the vegetarians and vegans would have fun in this farmers market. There was not only [a lot of] Asian food, there was Greek, too.





You would need mostly cash as the majority of the stalls do not have a card-swiping facility (speed-point machine).




The tea stall had a speed-point machine so they are cool. All of them have the snap scan or some other mobile payment system though so making payments is not an issue even for those who don’t like to carry cash.


You may not find me there again in a hurry but a return will not be an impossibility. After all, there are some pretty flowers scattered around the place… okay, in Spring and Summer. πŸ™‚

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So, I wonder why Fourways Farmers Market is popular. I don’t think organic stuff and nature itself are the only reasons why people visit the market. I surmise that most of us get tired of the concrete jungle and the this unassuming place is an escape within an easy driving distance and still in the city.

For me, being with nature makes me seem more warmhearted than my current normal self, the callous career-minded city girl.

Or, it’s just really a place we, city folks, enjoy right now. We are a very fickle crowd and one day, we’ll wake up and find a new in-place.

8 thoughts on “A Farm in Fourways

  1. That seems like a little bit of heaven in the concrete jungle. My son lived within walking distance of Montecasino for four years and I visited him twice only. Thereafter I refused to return to “Legoland”. We were in the Deep South of Jozi (Meyerton – Vereeniging) and had nature all around us. Ironically enough, we both worked in JHB CBD, commuted every day and were able to lunch together during the week.

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    1. Haha! Legoland; I like that! I will “pinch” from you and use it from time to time. 😊
      People most probably feel the same and that’s why food and drinks are pricey. Folks pay for the ambience 😁
      I’m scared of town. I just said to a friend now who was asking if I’d consider a certain job but town… hmmm. Lunch like that was good though. I can’t even lunch. 😐
      My hubby is from Vereeniging.
      Hugs xxx

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  2. I’ve enjoyed Farmer’s Markets, but they really vary in quality. I like the smaller ones best, I think. I used to sell stuff at a little market when I was a kid, painted rocks, and made a bit of spending money.

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    1. You’re right about the variety. Some are more interesting with more stuff to buy that are nicer, too.
      I’m a retailer at heart (although I’m a recovering shopaholic πŸ˜‚) and I would have like to sell stuff, anything.. cupcakes 😊 I understand the prices and the only drawback is the competition from mass produced products that come out much cheaper. What’s nice though is the personal touch and exclusivity because if by hand, no two things will be exactly the same. That’s why we still go to markets 😊 I love unique,m things made by hand.

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  3. I love farmers’ markets! The one you went to looks really cool, too – especially with the wooden stump seats, which is something I’ve never seen before πŸ˜€ You never quite know what you’re going to find when you go to one – no two markets are ever quite the same.

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    1. Thank you for your input. This is my first one. Maybe I should try the one near my son’s old school.
      It is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle look and feel.


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