Lagoon Cruising (Part 1)

As I prepare the post on Knysna / Thesen Islands, anticipating the time it takes me to get the images ready for posting, let me give you a bit of what I enjoyed in Knysna during our Garden Route Trip for our Christmas holiday with the family — boat ride on the lagoon.

Knysna is about 70km from George Airport. The road is good but it’s a lovely drive. It does take almost an hour, which hubby says is the norm for coastal highway. Maybe the mountain and beach slow us down. 🙂

For the upcoming post, I’ll find out a bit more about Knysna and not only about how I passionately fell in love with Thesen Islands.

Cruising on the Estuary

There are 6 videos in total, with 2 of them much longer (about 8 to 9 minutes) than the other 4 (about 1 to 2 minutes), so I will have 2 separate posts. I already think that more than 10 minutes of your time per post is asking for a lot. Still, I hope you like the videos. And, luckily, you can abort view at any time. 🙂

Do turn the volume up a little so you can listen to the guide. He gives interesting information and he’s pretty funny, too. It doesn’t have the best audio so please excuse me and my videography skills, more appropriately lack of it actually. I do think that my iPhone 6S did well and I did stabilize courtesy of YouTube.

For this post;

1st video – 1 minute
2nd video – 9 1/2 minutes
3rd video – 2 minutes

For the other three videos / Part 2 of the Lagoon Cruising post, click here.

Thank you so much for watching.

6 thoughts on “Lagoon Cruising (Part 1)

    1. I believe there are dolphins. And sharks? I’ll capture them on film next time. 🙂 There’s the Annual Literary Festival in Knysna, I just found out, and I’m seriously contemplating on going for those 4 days. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Travel and literary world – perfect! 🙂 The family enjoyed the trip, most especially me. Lol!

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