An eagle is fantastic enough

Taking a break from the dragged-out posting of our Western Cape Trip because of the time it takes me to choose the pictures, label and re-size, and because I fell ill (hypertension) in the last couple of weeks (almost totally out of action), I’d like go back today to that against-all-odds (sort of) moment.

It was 2013. I was no longer an avid golfer – unlike in 2009/2010 – but I played socially and it was an excuse for a weekend away. I was a member of Golf Resorts Club* which gave me access to many golf resorts nationwide.

*Golf Resorts Club is like co-owning several units in these resorts, and unlike Sun Vacation Club, ownership wasn’t limited to 10 years; ownership was forever, until you sell.

Let me give it to you straight; I suck at golf! I still love golf and if I had the time, I would play regularly. I don’t take golf as seriously as hubby does so I have a lot of fun and I laugh at my ridiculous golf-playing self. With a handicap of golf – oops, maximum (36 for ladies) – I cannot be expected to even make par. What is certain is that I will either max out on the strokes and just pick up. Sometimes, I don’t even finish the round. Other times, I give up on some holes and wait for the next. So, my best could be a bogey. I have improved though.

I can say that 2013 was the year I got back to playing golf after staying away for over a year or so. I played extremely well (for my level, that is) at the Champagne Sports Resort in Drakensberg so I was looking forward to going to Hans Merensky. It was going to be my 2nd time there and I had enjoyed the resort the 1st time I was there. I was disappointed though as the resort looked neglected. But –

Yes, my overall game may not have been as good as in the Drakensberg, but I surprised myself by holing from the fairway.

Yes, I got the ball in the hole all the way from the fairway! First time ever! And I have not done it again.

True that I didn’t get an ace. It wasn’t even an albatross but yes, I got an EAGLE!!! Not a birdie, an eagle!

It really wasn’t far from the green but it was the only time I holed from the fairway and got an eagle
Retrieving the awesome ball
Oh yeah!

Perhaps I should play more so I can get pars, birdies and another eagle or two, maybe. (An albatross is an impossibility as I am not even on the outskirts of a long hitter.)

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