Stairway to heaven

It isn’t a stairway and it doesn’t quite take you to heaven but I guess this road is not far off. For me, it feels as though this road taken is some sort of blessing; like being closer to my Creator. The scenery is amazing.

Mpumalanga Road

Mpumalanga Road

Mpumalanga Road

If you visit the Mpumalanga province, specifically the Panorama Route, you will drive on this very same road, which is seemingly the stairway to heaven. I found this truly breathtaking and I had to stop for some pictures. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more important.

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It’s awesome to be up on the clouds, don’t you think?

14 thoughts on “Stairway to heaven

  1. Ah but did you notice that the road is sloping gently upwards? That’s a stairway too!
    Some people call an escalator a stairway with ambition.
    Well, a gently winding road uphill is a stairway with compassion!

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