Danger in Milan

There is danger everywhere. In Milan, you’d think there’s fashion police to fear. But, no.

I must say that excitement was what I felt when I found myself in this train station. I wasn’t afraid. This was adventure. Milan is a fashion capital and I love fashion. I may not always afford the fashion I like but I have a good relationship with it. So, Milan was a dream becoming reality. In fact, I will go back to Milan before I go back to Rome because I found the Milanos friendlier than the Romans. Hmm, they must move the Sistine Chapel to Milan. Actually, move the whole Vatican City. Kidding! 🙂

I just didn’t  think I’ll be told not to lean. No, you can’t lean on the door because it is pericoloso.

Milan train sign

Milan train sign

I enjoyed these danger signs. I didn’t take pictures of signs prior to 2009, when this pictures were taken. I have a friend who took pictures of strange signs. These signs aren’t strange but I found the images entertaining. I’m more a “words” person even though I love photographs. I did make me cringe a bit.


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