Valley of Reflections

A Flashback on a Friday

Once upon a time, a girl didn’t like fishing…

Oh, I still don’t like fishing. (I’m the girl. Woman. I am a woman. Apparently, it’s condescending to call a woman my age a girl. I like being a girl, though. Oh well, a discussion for another day, or other people.)

Although I am not into fishing, it took me to the Valley of the Rainbow a few years ago. It’s a valley that provided beautiful reflections. The place is a wilderness retreat. When we go to a retreat, we introspect. We reflect. this jewel is definitely a valley of beautiful reflections, nature and deep within selves.

While my companion did his fly fishing thing, I walked around the dams and everywhere else. I took a lot of photos. Despite it being winter, I found so many beautiful subjects. As I took photos of many reflecting subject, I was also reflecting. Nature encourages me to get in touch with my inner self.

Dam/Lake for fly fishing

I don’t know if the place has changed much. When we were there, there were at least three or four dams. The water reflected the mountains (hills?) beautifully.

Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (1)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (2)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (3)

Tented chalets

Valley of the Rainbow has various types of accommodation: The Manor House, The Country House, Tented Chalets, and Nature Cabins.

I don’t remember why we did but we chose a tented chalet. There was no TV but there was seating outside, on the deck, where the kitchenette was as well. It was perfect for relaxing and taking in the view. It was awfully dark at night as, unlike the city, there were no street lights. Well, there was no street. It was a lovely tent though. There is at least a toilet and a shower in the chalet. Since it was winter, there was heater and electric blanket. It was warm enough.

It is only about 2 1/2 hours away from Johannesburg but we left Fourways (Northern Johannesburg) quite late so we arrived when it was dark. The lights along the paths were just enough to guide us to our tent.

Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (4)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (5)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (6)

Restaurant area

Although self-catering, we could grab a meal at the restaurant. If booked in advance, a picnic basket can be organized. The following photos are near the restaurant area. I think the Manor House and the Country House are also around here. We (meaning my companion as I was only taking photos) also tried the dams for fly fishing here.

Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (7)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (8)Travel Africa (SA) - Dullstroom 01 Reflection (9)

I wouldn’t mind going back to the Valley of the Rainbow. And, perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone. There was a plan to build another golf and fishing estate nearby. I should actually check if that materialized. The global economic crisis had halted many development projects in South Africa, especially the golf estates/resorts.

To entice visitors to get close to nature, away from the cold and hard concrete, here are more pictures. It’s really worth visiting, even if only for a weekend, as we did.

More of the dam
Restaurant (Manor/Country House)

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Tented Chalets
Trees, plants, flowers

Pictures were taken by me using my companion’s fancy Canon camera. I wonder if I should get one… Oh, hubby has one. I should use it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha! iPhone can’t take credit for Canon’s amazing abilities. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for popping in. You still didn’t “fix” your follow on email. Lol!
      Do you fly fish at all? Been to Dullstroom?

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    1. Fortunately, it’s really lovely there so you’d still enjoy yourself even if you’re not fishing. ☺ Thanks so much for popping in and commenting. πŸ€—

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