Where the ocean meets the lagoon

It isn’t a secret that I fell in love with Knysna in December 2016 so the beloved town being devastated by fires is a heartbreaking incident indeed. Fortunately, the town’s spirit endured the misfortune and Knysna rises. #KnysnaRises!

One of the activities one must experience in Knysna is the lagoon cruising. However, don’t expect to cross over to the ocean. Many ships sank where the two bodies of water meet although maybe it was only way back then when Knysna was a new discovery and the rocks made it a grueling job for the seafarers. It is a stunning landmark though. The Knysna Heads (headlands) is a must-see sight for visitors, travelers and tourists.

And, if you can still make it, the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is going ahead. The festivities start on Friday (7th of July) and end on Sunday (16th of July). I should really go. I want to go.






For more on Knysna and the Garden Route, visit the following:

Be part of The Trail Phoenix Rises! Or, just be there and support #KnysnaRises while having a lot of fun!





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