The Last Leaf of Fall – #ShortFictionBreak

This isn’t quite traveling to Vegas; not in real life, anyway. But, Juliana and Philip were in Las Vegas.

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I think, I say, I do

What happens in Vegas…

The Last Leaf of Fall (7) …stays in Vegas. But, not that way.

Where the story begins

The Last Leaf of Fall (3)

Where most of the story happens

The Last Leaf of Fall (6)


β€œPhilip, things have changed. I wish… no, I can’t. I won’t complicate my simple life.” She shrugged. β€œI’m glad we bumped into each other though. It had been tough getting over you. It took me ages to stop comparing everyone with you. What we had was perfect… for me.”

β€œFor me, too,” he admitted.

β€œWhy, I don’t know. Do you?” she asked.

He smiled. β€œThe heart has its reasons… and we don’t have to know.”

β€œPascal. But, my therapist said you’re an illusion. We’re an illusion.”

β€œWe’re real, Jules. Honestly…” He paused to let out a nervous chuckle. β€œIt’s just been several months that I’m able to remotely consider moving on. I was… I am convinced you’re the only one for me, that I’d love you till death…

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