Dangerous Games

Note: Except for photos of us and the curtain call, pictures are images taken from the program. Nothing can replace watching the show in person.

Lord of the Dance (17)

I loved, loved, loved ‘Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games‘! I didn’t know anything about the show (I am not so cultured, really!) and I only booked it because it is dance and I’ve been enjoying watching dance lately with my daughter’s interest and love for ballet.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

Having premiered at the Palladium Theatre in London’s West End in September 2014, the show is currently on world tour. I highly recommend that all lovers of the Arts, especially Dance, and most importantly those who love tap dancing and Irish dancing, watch the show when it comes to your city. It is a must see!

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is a classic tale of good vs evil, a story—with two acts—that emerges from the dreams of the Little Spirit. The program says: “Let the dance embrace you and take you on a journey filled with energy and passion…” Indeed!

Lord of the Dance (18)

What’s not to love?

I can still visualize the smiling faces [of the performers]… Oh my…!!! (Yes, I just used three exclamation marks. I can use more.) The bods!!! It’s true: energy and passion. WOW!!!!! (There you go… five exclamation marks!) I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the show. In fact, I’m still smiling now. Gosh! I screamed and yelled like a  crazed fan. If I could whistle, I would have. I wanted to touch them. *chuckle* If Fergal (who played Lord) goes on auction for a dinner date, I would do all within my power and capacity to win, not because I want to “have” him (I’m way too old for that… or him… he’s as old as my eldest child, I think) but just to stare at him and bask in the joy of gawking at his smile. You can laugh with me.

We were sitting on the second row and I thought that we were too close. I was thinking that we would see not much but their feet. Wrong! In fact, get the front seats! You shouldn’t miss the expressions on the performers’ faces, up close. You should even see the sweat. You shouldn’t miss anything. However, if you have no other choice, sit where you can but devour the whole thing.

Lord of the Dance (4)

I was planning to write/post this before the show left Johannesburg (Montecasino), thus categorized under ‘To do in GP’, but life took over and I am only getting back to my intention. I was hesitant thinking I wouldn’t remember and I would not be able to write what I wanted to share but I see that the show is still vivid in my mind and I still feel the same about it. I really should have gone back with my girl friends to watch it again. I will have to catch it elsewhere another time.

Lord of the Dance (15)

The Little Spirit and her pan pipe

She’s the cutest little sprite I have ever seen. Okay, she’s not a pixie really. She has one of the loveliest faces I have seen. The pan pipe playing and her acrobatic skills were both amazing. The part was played by Jess Judge who started acrobatic at the age of three. Hubby said Hollywood Reese Witherspoon could play this part.

Erin, the Goddess

I thought Erin looked like Sofia Vergara (or look-alike Colombia’s beauty queen and contestant for Miss Universe who was mistakenly announced as Miss Universe winner before the true and real winner, Philippines’ Pia Wurtzbach, was crowned… I know, I have to put it here. Haha!) Erin has the voice of an angel and I can’t think of anyone in Hollywood who might be able to play the part. No! Not even Queen Bee (or is that Queen B?) or T Swift or Katy Perry. I’ll have to think about it.


I have never seen violinists as sexy! Really! But these two ladies were both talented with the fiddles and quite hot. What’s with the hair? Are they real or wig? I felt like I needed to rush to the hair salon to get my hair taken care of. In a good way. Yeah, I love the hair! Beside the hair, I can watch them and listen to them for hours.

Lord of the Dance (14)

The LORD of the Dance and Saoirse

What’s not to love? She’s gorgeous and a great dancer. Like the Lord, she has a captivating smile. But man… must the Lord be too hot! We had Fergal Keaney and although the other Lords would probably be great, based on the write up on the program, I am over the moon that we got Fergal. He’s of course young enough to be my child but that didn’t stop me from ogling and drooling. He has the most magnificent smile I have ever seen, with those pearly whites. Looking at his smile, I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot. Hubby thought I was an idiot. Hahaha! But really, he had that mischievous but seductive look. OMG! I know I shouldn’t say that but I don’t know how else to express what I think of him. If I was younger, I’d say I’m seriously smitten. Seriously, there was no lust! Just pure admiration. The boy is way too hot but not in an impossible or unreachable dream kind of way. He had warmth. He was just too perfect for the role of the Lord.

Dark Lord, Morrighan and the rest of the cast

What amazing performers! The cast add so much to the show, I believe. The casting directors must be so proud. I wouldn’t change any single performer. The Dark Lord and the Seductress (Morrighan) were impressive in their roles. We may not cheer them on but they were remarkable at being villains. I wonder if the whole of Ireland has these talented, attractive, striking, charming, enchanting, captivating… and so on… people running around the countries’ cities and towns.

Lord of the Dance (16)

My two tweets during intermission described what I really thought of the show.

First tweet


Second tweet



I have to specifically mention the hair because I want hair like that. I must visit the hairdresser and do something about my dry, dull hair. Have you ever seen a stage full of gorgeous shiny hair of all colors? I was in awe.

Music, Costumes, Dances (Choreography)

I have said in the beginning that I am not so ‘cultured’ so I knew nothing about the show. I was blown away. Put together and individually, the music, costumes and dances (choreography) were just perfect! Ballet is amazing but this Irish Dancing, with the music, is truly awesome. The audience was not left to simply watch; we felt part of the show… something like that. I don’t do reviews so I am probably failing at expressing what I want to say but the show was totally spectacular. Spectacular, I tell you! I want my young daughter to immediately start learning how to Irish dance.


Equally spectacular are the pyrotechnics. This was unexpected for me and I was left with my mouth open. I have never witnessed anything similar. The special effects were out of this world, for live theater. I wish my little princess would have watched it but there were parts that might have scared her. She’ll watch the show when she’s older.


I also love the story. It is classic but not old and the performers were (show was) able to convey the message more than successfully. I was convinced dreams could come true. I was convinced of the good’s triumph over evil. Swan Lake has a similar story (white swan vs black swan) but I’d go for the battle between the Lord vs the Dark Lord… although it could be that watching the men battle it out, with the good showing off their perfectly sculptured hot bods. Ahh…

Lord of the Dance (7)

Most importantly, the energy and the passion of the performers. Having watched Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, I fail to understand why people would watch Justin Bieber and pay big bucks even. I can still understand the desire to watch Bon Jovi, but the younger Hollywood hypes, no!

At first, I thought they were all hot and gorgeous; the majority are… But, even those who are no “Lord”, “Dark Lord”, “Saoirse”, “Morrighan”, “Erin”, “Little Spirit”, or “Fiddles”, the supporting performers, are as awesome as the lead parts. The performers’ smiles and the auras shining through, individually, made all the difference. I salute the casting team. It must have been an arduous task to cast for the show. No one can be lenient and/or “soft”. If you want a spectacular show with the energy and passion (redundant but, for me, necessary), you pick the right talent, body and face.

How do I know ‘Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games’ is the “bestest” show I’ve ever watched (granted I am not a huge theater buff)?

  • It’s been almost a month since I watched it yet thinking about it, I am still in awe!
  • Looking at the program, I still so badly want to watch it again.
  • I watched St Petersburg Ballet Theater’s Swan Lake last Sunday and although I loved it I won’t be rushing to watch it again.
  • I wish everyone I know could watch the show and my girl friends and I can gush about it.

Hands down!

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

Spectacularly electrifying!

Lord of the Dance (2)

To end, I have to say this…

Fergal, my favorite ‘Lord’ has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics with Astrophysics! Yeah, he’s not only an extremely talented dancer and the most gorgeous eye candy (so ‘kilig’… Filipino word apparently translates to ‘romantic excitement’ in English but not really… not in my case: nothing romantic here). He’s a Science man! I’d forgive him if he’s not a very nice person. No one is perfect after all… But, if he has a kind heart, too, then life is unfair to many of us… I mean, many men out there. *giggle*

Lord of the Dance (8)

13 thoughts on “Dangerous Games

      1. I know what you mean. I went to see Lord of the Dance both times they came to my town and the second show was slightly different from the first, but they were equally great. So uplifting, such amazing energy…. they were superb and I wouldn’t mind seeing them a third time 😉

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      2. I also would watch them again for sure. 😅 I think the different actors / dancers add something different. The energy is truly amazing. Thanks so much, Ana. Much love and hugs.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. I’d go see this based on your review even though I’m not a big dance watcher. I think the Cirque du Soleil is amazing, but it’s different. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for following my blog. It’s exhausting writing daily but soon I’ll reduce it. Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure. My blogging time us currently dramatically reduced but I hope to improve that and go back to before. Keep up the good work. 😊 Do watch it. It’s really magnificent. It has everything. 😃 Thank you for your support, too.


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