Fun in the sun

Beyond The Palace (1)
The Palace of the Lost City

Beyond the majestic Palace of the Lost City is a place where children and adults alike have a whole lot of fun: Sun City. A stay at The Palace is a ‘good to experience opulence’ and it is not necessary to venture far away from this regal five star luxury hotel, especially if it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon, short stay. In fact, it is best to stay at the Sun City Vacation Club or Cabanas, even Sun City Hotel or Cascades, if the plan is to spend most of the time out in the sun and on the water. However, for regular guests of the Palace who revel in its pure grandeur and comfort, tasty feasts, and spectacular pool, do stop looking out of the window sometimes…

Beyond The Palace (2)
Looking through the window, outside of The Palace of the Lost City

Beyond The Palace (3)

Beyond The Palace (4)

…and head out for a variety of entertainment and leisure activities offered by the resort. After all, there’s a Mercedes Benz car or van ready to chauffeur guests around Sun City.

Beyond The Palace (5)

Here are some of what await the resort guests.

Sun City Fun (2)
After all, it is a ‘Casino and Entertainment Resort’, South Africa’s own Las Vegas

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Adventure Mountain

A few of what the resort guests can enjoy was posted here but this bit that follows was not included. This is ‘Adventure Mountain’. It became our little princess’ favorite place in Sun City / The Lost City early in 2016. It’s specifically for the little ones.

Sun City Fun (34)

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Lazy River

Around Adventure Mountain is the ‘Lazy River’ which is the most relaxing activity apart from sitting around and doing nothing. Well, it is sitting around and doing nothing.

Sun City Fun (25)

Sun City Fun (27)


Water rides / slides

Not far from the kiddies paradise is this water ride / slide. I have not tried it, and most likely will not at all, because I’m a scared-y cat. Basically, you slide down on your tube. This is not as scary as the Slide of Courage, of which I, unfortunately, do not have a picture. I will walk around the resort next time we’re there.

Sun City Fun (23)


Beware of the monkeys

Or have fun with them. When you get tired and in need of refreshment, you can leave the water for a while and perhaps share—inadvertently—your frozen yogurt with a monkey or two… or three or four. I don’t think it’s good to feed them with your unwanted chips (fries) but I guess it is a person’s prerogative.


Family and Kids Entertainment

Away from the Valley of the Waves and The Lost City is more entertainment for family and kids, including Animal World, Kamp Kwena, etc. Our visit was during off-peak season, which we prefer because the resort can get quite packed, and it would have been ideal for activities as it was quiet but we got there late, if I remember correctly. We also didn’t have many days in the resort so we will spend some time here next time. Here is a quick glance at what’s behind the Cabanas hotel.


Relaxing by the pool or in your room or unit is also perfectly acceptable.


Sun City Vacation Club



Pool areas of The Palace of the Lost City and Cascades Hotel can be found here (The Palace) and here (Cascades).

For the golfers, there are two golf courses in the resort, one being Gary Player Golf Course where the Nedbank Golf Challenge is played and the other being the easier-to-play Lost City Golf Course in Sun City.

Sun City can definitely keep its guests busy and amused for days. Also on offer are: The Maze of the Lost City, safari and wildlife, spa and more adventure. I suppose that’s why we don’t tire easily of the place. It’s a plus that it’s only a couple of hours drive from home.

Until next time, Sun City!

Sun City Fun (1)

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