Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey Bar (4)

I can’t help but think that drinking champagne at a bar is a luxury that average folks like you and me… okay, perhaps not you but me certainly… shouldn’t ever do. However, if a sweet woman, who knows how to live (a little) large in celebration of life itself, as you bid her husband’s company farewell, insists that the two of you drink a bottle of champagne, although we were not being ridiculous as it was not Veuve Clicquot, Moët or Dom Pérignon but a Luc Belaire, you agree happily! Of course, it’s better when the one bottle becomes two… then three! 🙂 We were not so very insane; hubby and bff joined us towards the end and they each had a glass of the champers.

It was my first time to chill at Milk and Honey Bar at the Piazza in Montecasino. It was a little hot sitting outdoors–being the middle of the day in summer–but we wanted to wear our sunglasses while drinking champagne. *giggles* (It is a joke.)

Milk and Honey Bar (3)
The piazza from where we were sitting

Note: If you are with a child and it’s summer, that fountain is irresistible. Bring a change of clothes.

I was a little unwell in the morning and I should have gone home but two painkillers did the trick and I was able to last until early evening. I also managed to drink at least a bottle of Luc Belaire, most probably more! (A bottle cost almost a grand or something crazy like that. If I were paying, I would have ordered my usual: a margarita or a daiquiri.)

Milk and Honey Bar (7)

Milk and Honey Bar (8)

Milk and Honey Bar (9)

We were famished so we ordered a platter–I thought… it was a three-tier platter… there were three platters–of finger food. Fine, the top tier did not count because what was that popcorn doing there? Anyway, there’s nothing like snacking while having a bubbly. Oyster is favorite and serving it with champagne is a treat!

While our snacks would not have me recommending Milk and Honey Bar, I would definitely go back for the ambience, the wonderful service staff and the awesome sitting that relaxed me like nowhere else.

Milk and Honey Bar (6)

Milk and Honey Bar (5)

Milk and Honey Bar (1)

The variety of drinks and food options (for that next time) are reasons to go back. And if you need to talk, Milk and Honey bar is much better than a club. There is only background music so guests do not have to shout at each other.

Milk and Honey Bar (11)

Milk and Honey Bar (12)

The location is perfect as well as I don’t think there is a public place safer than a casino. Security is most important to me so Montecasino complex is the best place for me to have some fun. There is also ample secured parking. I must say that Milk and Honey Bar is definitely a great place to unwind, or even just for a drink or two, maybe a meal (although my favorite would still be Beira Alta and Aarya… and yes, I still need to write about them), before or after watching a show at the Teatro.

Milk and Honey Bar (2)

P.S. Next time, I’m claiming the bed!

Milk and Honey Bar (15)

P.P.S. The place is a little pricey but hey, YOLO!

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