High Tea’s Sweetest Treats

I have a sweet tooth, one that cannot be ignored… Actually, all of them are “sweet teeth”, and they crave treats every day. So, I always have something sweet to share. But, where to begin?

High tea at Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton is definitely a favorite and my go-to high tea. Why not?

Michelangelo Women's Day 2017 High Tea (11)

I did publish a blog post on the Women’s Day High Tea in August, but I went back a month later, in September.

The evidence points to “near-gluttony”; forgiveness required.

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Then, friends and I were there again in December, but because this was my third high tea at Michelangelo in the second half of the year, I did not feel the need to take as many images of the food.

Instead, we took quite a bit of pictures of us. We dressed up a little for this one. I do think that our hats made us look rather posh. Ronel and I,Β with my other friends and her mom, were celebrating the release of our anthology, Cinderella Reimagined, on Amazon.

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Another sweet treat for me was High Tea at the Palace of the Lost City in Sun City. It is definitely something I would like to do again next time I am staying at The Palace. The Palace has been one of my sweetest hotel stays.

The Palace High Tea (9)
High Tea at The Palace

However, it’s not often that we venture out to the Lost City in Sun City simply to enjoy high tea so when I crave a little bit of a different spread, in the east of Johannesburg, near the international airport, is Emperors Palace, which has the luxurious five star hotel, D’oreale Grande Hotel. The hotel’s restaurant is Aurelia’s, and like Michelangelo and The Palace of the Lost City, its high tea buffet sends my mouth watering.

The first time I was there was in November (2017), if I’m not mistaken, to join my amazing fellow author, Ronel, and her Red Hat Society. I was half a scatter-brain and half “slow” that day (although I would say that I was used to Michelangelo’s three to five o’clock for high tea), and I was way too late for the two to four o’clock. I did manage to capture three images.

Aurelia's High Tea 25Nov17 (1)

Aurelia's High Tea 25Nov17 (2)

Aurelia's High Tea 25Nov17 (3)

It was important that we had below photograph taken to commemorate the first time Ronel and I met in person.

Aurelia's High Tea 25Nov17 (4)

Predictably, I needed to go back to Aurelia’s for a proper round. The opportunity presented itself early this month (February), when copies of Cinderella Reimagined arrived from the U.S.A., and I had to deliver a few to Ronel. It was an enjoyable afternoon, and I hope Ronel enjoyed it despite the darned bronchitis that made it less than perfect for her. My little princess made peace with the no-sushi situation as she devoured her ribs.

Cheese board and the non-sweet nibbles

And, the sweet, sweet spread…

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (1)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (2)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (3)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (4)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (5)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (6)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (7)

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (8)

To end the feast, I tried all of these…

Aurelia's High Tea 03Feb18 (14)

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