Good enough for the night

After all, it is only for one night, and only to sleep. No, I’m not talking about me. ๐Ÿ˜„

I actually did some work considering I was in Port Elizabeth for work…

…and most jobs these days require us to be connected. I had to have my Outlook open to receive and send emails (note that I have five email addresses, two for work and three of my own with my old domains, which I cannot seem to let go) and log on to the cloud-based accounting system. I checked for the WiFi password and there was not! A 3-star hotel is a good way to save on travel expenses but it resulted to my mobile data being depleted and I used up data out of bundle! (The bundle depleted while I was not looking at my phone and missed my ISP’s text messages warning me of my data usage. Yes, I do ignore my phone when working [without the need for a phone].)


I cannot say for sure that the Garden Court Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth has no free WiFi because I did not bother to ask reception. Perhaps they do have and guests ask for the password. I have gotten used to getting it with the key card. But, if they don’t have, that’s no good. However, it might be safe to assume they have because it is part of the Tsogo Sun hotel group (and I find their 3-star hotels slightly better than Peermont’s, but that’s for another day).


I did not drive, and when I don’t drive, I forget to note distances, so I am relying on Google. Garden Court is a 3.7km, 7-minute drive from the airport. It is a quick drive. The best thing about the location isn’t its distance from the airport though. One can look out of the window and enjoy the view of the beach, although it is a city beach so it is not so picturesque. It still has a pretty view.

PE Trip 201805 (29)

PE Trip 201805 (30)

As you might have seen above, another great thing about the hotel’s location is that guests will not go hungry. I believe that the hotel has a restaurant and it does serve breakfast, but I did not make breakfast. Thus, I have no pictures of the breakfast area.

In fact, I have no pictures of the reception or the lobby. I was there for my day job, so my blogging life takes a back seat, which means for some reason, I get a little embarrassed to take pictures. I don’t know why. I am working on this.

Food / Dining

Mike’s Kitchen is adjacent to the hotel. It might just be the hotel’s restaurant (in the same way that Sunsquare in Montecasino has Aarya, for which the blog posts are still to come). Mike’s Kitchen is a family restaurant that serves breakfast, light meals, steaks and seafood. Being family restaurant, they also serve kiddies meals.

There are other eating places, all within walking distance from the hotel, if not in the same complex, including McDonald’s. There is another commercial or retail centre nearby, although still best reached by car, where there is a restaurant that seems to be a favourite of the local residents. My hosts took me for dinner there. I had some delicious sushi, which I couldn’t finish and I had for midnight snack. (Well, I had to do some work so I was up until late.) The restaurant serves pizza, pasta, meat and seafood, too. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the restaurant.


The room is absolutely fine. While there are no gowns or slippers, face cloths or huge bath towels (there are standard bath towels and hand towels), a separate shower (shower in the bath instead), shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shower gel (there is soap and hair and body wash combined), Nespresso machine, and other luxuries that the 5-star hotels like Palazzo and The Palace have, the bed is rather big and comfortable. The desk space is more than sufficient. The lighting is right. There is a safe and a TV (both I didn’t use). There are enough mirrors. Overall, the whole room is more perfect for its purpose. I would stay there again, and I’d check out what else the hotel has to offer. I am sure that there is a lot more to it. Therefore, for what it has, and the price, it is highly recommended, even with those less-than-nice hangers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I realize that I did not need to deal with the hotel staff a lot but from my interaction with them, during check-in and check-out, the friendliness and service excellence I normally get from a Tsogo Sun hotel is standard.

I apologize for not being able to share more pictures of the hotel. And, noting that I can’t remember some details and I’m not certain about a few other information, I might have to go back to Port Elizabeth, albeit for fun next time around. For now, to know more, go to Tsogo Sun’s website.

Garden Court Kings Beach

La Roche Drive, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Hotel Reservations & Customer Contact Center: +27 11 461 9744 | 0861 44 77 44
Garden Court Kings Beach Contact: +27 41 582 3720

GPS Coordinates
33ยฐ58’38.92” S | 25ยฐ38’47.21” E

11 thoughts on “Good enough for the night

      1. It is! I just want to go north now and escape from the cold. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Yet, come December, our summer, I’m heading north to the USA for almost a month. ๐Ÿ˜Š


      2. Yes, fingers crossed. Hubby may have found something… I believe there are more opportunities in the States, especially when it comes to the arts; compared to South Africa, anyway.


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