A to Z Challenge – Theme: Places Visited


Unlike some of you, and I should be more like you especially because this is my first time to try out the A to Z Challenge, I am starting a day late despite the intention of preparing the first few posts this past weekend. Oh well… wish me luck!

I wanted to do the whole theme reveal thing but it didn’t happen, so this will have to do.

This is a travel and food blog, with only a bit of golf since I started playing less and less each year, so for my first blogging from A to Z, I decided to do “Places”. After all, my blogging had been sporadic and there are a lot of posts I should have shared before. I also hardly blogged last year and this challenge is a great platform for me to get back to my old routine. I hope I do just fine.


(country, state/province, city/town, specific place or point of interest within the city, restaurant or a store)

01-Apr-19 Monday A American Girl and Applebees
02-Apr-19 Tuesday B Brooklyn, NY
03-Apr-19 Wednesday C California, USA
04-Apr-19 Thursday D Drakensberg, South Africa
05-Apr-19 Friday E Empire State Building, NY
06-Apr-19 Saturday F Five Guys and FireRoom
07-Apr-19 Sunday
08-Apr-19 Monday G Gold Reef City
09-Apr-19 Tuesday H Hilton Grand Vacations
10-Apr-19 Wednesday I Ikea (also Italy?)
11-Apr-19 Thursday J Johannesburg
12-Apr-19 Friday K Kissimmee, FL
13-Apr-19 Saturday L Liberty Bell
14-Apr-19 Sunday
15-Apr-19 Monday M Manhattan
16-Apr-19 Tuesday N New York, NY
17-Apr-19 Wednesday O Orlando, FL
18-Apr-19 Thursday P Palazzo
19-Apr-19 Friday Q Quezon (Province), Philippines
20-Apr-19 Saturday R Rodeo Drive
21-Apr-19 Sunday
22-Apr-19 Monday S Santa Monica
23-Apr-19 Tuesday T Times Square
24-Apr-19 Wednesday U United States of America
25-Apr-19 Thursday V Venetian in Vegas
26-Apr-19 Friday W Walt Disney World Resort
27-Apr-19 Saturday X X is the mark; it is the Target
28-Apr-19 Sunday
29-Apr-19 Monday Y Yonkers, NY
30-Apr-19 Tuesday Z Zambia

Seeing I am only posting the theme now, and it is already the 2nd of April, I will have to tackle my first post, American Girl and Applebees, later tonight. I should catch up this week or by the weekend. I am also attempting to blog from A to Z this April over at Crossroads and Conquests. Do wish me luck! (I asked twice so that means I really need it. *grin*)

Thank you!

AtoZ Travel (featured image)

Much love and hugs,


P.S. I had to change my choice for “G” as I realized that I have already blogged about Glendale, LA County, Southern California (SoCal).

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Theme: Places Visited

  1. This is my first year doing A to Z as well. I couldn’t get my stuff together to do a theme reveal either… but I at least got the first 5 posts done! I was feeling pretty good about myself. 😉 Excited to follow along about your favorite places and maybe I’ll find some new places to visit, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sara. That’s awesome. Well done! You are already ahead. I will be looking out for your posts. Thank you so much for dropping by! Much love and hugs. ❤🤗


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