Five Guys and Fireroom

No, not those five guys! *insert laughing hyena emoji*

This is my entry for “F” for the A to Z Challenge.


Our holiday (vacation) in the States in December (2018) ended with us driving from Orlando, Florida to New York (JFK) on the 2nd and the 3rd of January (2019). It was a good adventure.

We stopped in Baltimore, Maryland for an on-the-go lunch. The whole road trip had us not planning much. It is part of the adventure. After all, Maps is a great thing. We even booked our overnight stay in Richmond, Virginia when we were about an hour or less away after checking on the gps which Country Inn and Suites was closest to the highway. So, finding Five Guys was pure luck.

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Five Guys is quite interesting. Doing things differently (compared to the other fast food joints), being more responsbile in the process, is awesome. We would probably look for Five Guys wherever we are next time we are in the States. The hot dogs are delicious; my one was the best I have had ever. I did have to remove the jalapeno because it was a little too hot for me.


Ooh, yummy!


However, if you happen to find myself in my neck of the woods, and you feel like you deserve a special treat, try Fireroom Sushi and Grill. Fireroom is a little pricey so I do not frequent it. Obviously, the Fireroom I go to is the one in Montecasino. (We do not really go anywhere else but Montecasino when we dine out. Aarya Restaurant at the Piazza and Beira Alta inside, near the exit to the piazza/Teatro, are my staple. while Fego Caffe is the extension of my dining room. Actually, we have no dining room at the moment since we moved our dining table and chairs to our AirBnB.)

FireRoom 20180616 (1)


The Fireroom in Montecasino is new-ish. Our first time there was a year ago, on the 4th of April.

I was intrigued by the sushi on fire, literally. It even says so on the menu.

I also saw some cooking happening on the restaurant floor; a new gimmick, clearly.

FireRoom 20180404 (4)

I suppose I can say I am often the adventurous one, although when it comes to food, it must already be something I already eat, but it can be prepared in a different manner.

We ordered a variety of dishes since not everyone loves sushi. Amazingly, the little person loves her sushi although only the avocado one. She’s vegetarian when it comes to sushi.

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My first sushi on fire

Warning: turn your volume down. I have a tendency to be a laughing hyena with a loud voice.



FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20180404 (1a)
Before (what is served)


Interesting, right? This was the first time I ever had my sushi barbecued. I find pleasures from simple things.


FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20180404 (1b)
After (what is eaten)


This was truly delicious. It doesn’t take exactly like the traditional sushi. The light crispy outside isn’t just for the texture. Lighting it up is also not for nothing. It does add to the taste of the sushi. Perhaps, it is a good way to re-intriduce to sushi those who do not eat raw fish. Have you never tried salmon tartare? Or [salmon] ceviche? Yes, raw!

In May, on my little princess’s birthday, my father was visiting. He also enjoys trying out new restaurants when in town so this was a perfect opportunity to go back to Fireroom.

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It was busy and we almost didn’t get a table. We actually had to make do with the farthest table. It is advisable to book in advance especially for dinner at month-ends. Joburgers love to eat out and spend their hard-earned money. We finish it pretty quickly so if you’re visiting halfway through the month, booking may not be necessary.

Second sushi on fire


FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20180523 (2a)
Before the fire


Not all fires are created equal. This one was blowtorched! Still sushi on fire.


FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20180523 (2b)
After the fire


I had another excuse to go to Fireroom the following month. I was meeting up with a friend and colleague after a couple of years (I think) of not seeing each other.

FireRoom 20180616 (9)

This time around, I didn’t have any sushi fired or fired up, but this was a good new thing to try.

FireRoom 20180616 (6)FireRoom 20180616 (7)

Dessert straight from the pan

However, I don’t go to Fireroom and get no excitement. For dessert, we wanted to have it freshly cooked/made in front of us.

(I wasn’t prepared for this and I took the first 13-second video with nothing much but the cooking (?) of the berries. It is obvious I am useless in the kitchen.)

Here is the super sweet strawberry crepe with chocolate nutella.

Fireroom Dessert Cooked 20180616

I haven’t been back at the Fireroom since October. I must have known I wouldn’t be back for months because my friend and I chose to have two sushi on fire.

More sushi on fire

FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20181018 (3a)

FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20181018 (3b)

There is a distinct difference not only in appearance but also with the taste.

FireRoom Sushi on Fire 20181018 (4b)

My friend also had another vegetarian dish. (She is vegetarian.)

FireRoom 20181018 (2)

I always have fun with food at the Fireroom! Try it!

Oh, like all the restaurants in Montecasino, Fireroom is fully licensed so fun also includes wine and other alcoholic drinks and beverages.

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Much love and hugs,


9 thoughts on “Five Guys and Fireroom

  1. Fried might be the way I can finally enjoy sushi. Five Guys is something else. How do you like those “tiny” servings of french fries? Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a good start. 😊
      We didn’t try the french fries, actually. I think I’d like the tiny serving. I must watch my starch intake. 😝
      Thank you for the support. I must apologize for disappearing. I gave in to the lethargy that resulted from being sick. I failed the challenge. Next year will be better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much, Eli! I did say that I will continue to write and publish the blog posts as planned for A to Z, just for the whole year instead of for April. It will be my training for next year. 😊


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