“H” is for “happens”…

I do appear to be on the lazy side reblogging my post from my other blog; I apologize.

When I fail, as I now failed to complete the A to Z Challenge 2019, I consider it a fall from which I can get back up… again and again.

I will continue to blog on places visited as planned, albeit outside of the challenge. I aim to complete to Z before this year ends.

“H” is for Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard in Las Vegas. It shall follow soon.

In the meantime, enjoy visiting places near and far!

Crossroads and Conquests

(I started writing this when I was sick last month.)

Life happens… as life, for me, has always happened.

I do have an “H” for the A to Z Challenge but this intermission is happening.

(Obviously, I failed the A to Z Challenge. 2020 is another year.)

Despite my month-end processes and procedures that keeps me busy until I complete the consolidated management report around the 12th of the month, although the 10th would have been better, the 8th ideal, the A to Z challenge would not have been negatively affected. I was still hopeful I would catch up despite failing to do so the weekend of “F”.

However, I had to take a trip to Botswana for a long weekend. I had taken the Monday off.

I was still determined I could catch up.

Then, I got sick. I was already unwell the Friday before but I had…

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11 thoughts on ““H” is for “happens”…

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend.

      I’m working on a post having realized why I’m struggling to write. Here goes…

      I would still beat myself up. “Why is it such a challenge for me to take a break from [living] my life to write?” This internal questioning in my head would be a regular occurrence.

      But, every day, I learn something new, or I become cognizant of something.

      Last week, it dawned on me why writing has not been a natural tendency for me in the last twelve months. Somehow, when my current job was no longer a new thing in my life, it became my one main thing, with my family and social life. With my previous job, I always had writing playing a huge part in my life. I don’t know for sure if the job itself gave me a reason or the stimulation to write, or it simply allowed me write. One thing is clear: I want to write but my brain seems rather lazy. I find reasons to postpone writing. I find excuses not to write.

      I know what is required. Writing needs to be part of my life. Writing must not be an activity I do while I pause life. I just need to figure out how to bring writing back into the mainstream of my life. I have a feeling the answer is in my head.

      I will work it out. I have persistence and resilience.

      Much love and hugs. 🤗❤😘

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      1. My dear friend! You have such dedication! I, too, have been in a place where my job seemed filling of those places where writing would also be filling. Who knows, maybe your creativity is finding its place at work and not as much in your writing. Love that you’re being both dedicated and gentle with yourself. Thinking of you! xxoo

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      2. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, as always. I do find myself frustrated and thinking maybe it’s one of those realities I must acknowledge and accept… but I can’t quite bring.myself to accepting I should stop writing completely. I’m blessed to have inspirations like you. As Stella got her groove back, I, too, shall find my way back to writing. I miss the good ol’ times. 😁 Much love and hugs.

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  1. I like to block at night after I sit down after working a long hard day plus for me posting the pictures reminds me of the places I just was I try and log immediately during my travels and then right upon getting back even if you just make super short blogs that might be easier that’s what I have changed to.

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    1. I was actually feeling very inspired going through your posts and looking at the pictures. I might just take that page from your book. 😋 Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement.


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