Hilton Grand, LV

I would have loved to stay at the Palazzo or the Venetian in Las Vegas, but I couldn’t afford either yet (still can’t) so last year, when we went to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard.

Early in the year (2018), there was no plan to go to the States. Then, I thought of exchanging my one week stay in Sun City Vacations Club for a week in Las Vegas. I wanted a week in New York but there was nothing available. Only when the exchange was confirmed did I start thinking about flights.

The decision to go ahead with Hilton Grand Vacations Club was a good one. It is a fantastic place go call home for a week. It was a pity we had no other company to occupy the second room, but it wasn’t wasted as the little one claimed it. Next time, two of my friends or cousins must join us.


There was renovation going on at the time of our stay, so we were entering and exiting the place through the back. This is why I do not have a picture of the front of the hotel. I did manage to take a couple of pictures of the reception area. I think it’s pretty grand.

01 Hilton Grand Staircase-Reception (1)

02 Hilton Grand Staircase-Reception (2)

We still felt the welcome, and not only because they were quick to share with us some discount coupons and the like, which we did not use, but the reception staff were pretty friendly. There was no hassle checking in at all. The resort fee that was due upon check in was expected as it was specified on the RCI booking confirmation form.


I have not utilized any fitness center in any of the hotels where I have stayed, but I think it is a plus for a hotel to have a gym. I should actually take advantage of the convenience, even for thirty minutes a day.

The one at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club is spacious enough. It doesn’t look squashed at all.

03 Hilton Grand Gym (1)


As Hilton Grand Vacations Club is a self-catering hotel, by the back entrance/exit, across the gym, is the marketplace where residents/guests can buy some supplies and sustenance to save on eating out. It is convenient, and everything on the strip is pricey, so we used the marketplace a lot. This is also where we got our two free bottles of water daily. My best is that they sell Starbucks coffee so it was effortless to get my daily fix.

04 Hilton Grand Marketplace (1)

Residents “rent” DVDs for free, too. If I’m not mistaken, there is a limit of two DVDs at a time, but there is no limit per day. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend your stay in Las Vegas watching DVDs.

Even a drink or two at the Lobby Bar would have been good, but we didn’t get a chance to relax with a drink there. We were in Vegas with a child. (But, children might be allowed there when with their parents as it is a family place). With the renovation, we didn’t pass the lobby bar to be enticed to pause for a drink. I think I got to see it on our way out at the end of our stay.)

08 Hilton Grand Lobby Bar (1)


To say that it’s not too shabby to spend a week here would be pretentious. It’s pretty great, actually. It is quite a beautiful hotel. It still looks shiny. I think it’s new-ish. Maybe it wasn’t a renovation but a completion that was going on. Honestly, it’s better than my own home in many ways. We truly felt at home there, too.

We had a 2-bedroom unit with a full kitchen, a small dining table and a lounge area. Both bedrooms have their own bathrooms. The whole unit itself is rather roomy.

Lounge / Kitchen

The lounge, dining area and kitchen is a big open plan area. With the dining area in the same space as the lounge, it is big enough to accommodate the maximum guests allowed: four adults and two children. Apart from the bedrooms, the lounge also has a tv.

The kitchen has everything the residents would need, except for a kettle. Instead, there is a coffee machine. Tea lovers might need to request for a kettle, for convenience. Alternatively, there’s always the stove top and a pot.

Main Bedroom and Bathroom

The main bedroom is a good size, and so is the closet. Even the drawers provide more than enough space for all the clothing, necessary and otherwise, guests might be dragging along with them. This piece of furniture also serves as the TV stand, which is really a smart use of space, or furniture.

The bathroom of the main bedroom has a jet spa and a “proper” shower (as opposed to a shower in the bath like in the second bedroom’s bathroom). I wish I have this bathroom, and bedroom for that matter. The only thing missing is a walk-in, which I also don’t have at home so this is really better than home. I suppose some of us travel and stay in places we choose to experience because it’s a treat from our regular life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second Bedroom and Bathroom

The second bedroom may not have the better bathroom but it has a kitchenette equipped with a sink, microwave oven and coffee machine. It also has a closet with ample space for everything, and as with the main bedroom, the TV stand is also the [chest of] drawers for more clothing. Perhaps it it were used in a standard home, it will not be for clothes. (I’m still busy reorganizing my home and storage is a problem, thus the obsession here with the TV stand/drawers.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We did enjoy looking out of the window and we spent a bit of time appreaciating the view from our room. There isn’t a lot of clutter as it is far from the center of the strip.

We were absolutely fascinated by the duck that looks so real.

Personally, I would welcome a second stay here, sans renovation. It has quite a lovely front entrance, which we finally got to use upon our departure.

Although the hotel is far from the hustle and bustle of the strip, in winter, during the day, you can easily walk from the hotel to the strip. The cab from here to the Miracle Mile Mall is a little expensive at about $20 but Uber is more reasonable. When we couldn’t walk anymore, we would turn to uber and it cost us anything from $7 to $12 before the tip. This was the acceptable middle ground for us: we had plenty of exercise and where necessary Uber was affordable.

Being away from the strip worked for us as we were not really there to gamble or to party. In fact, I’m not quite sure why we were there. Perhaps, I was hoping to see more of Vegas this time around. Last time I was there, in 2015, having stayed for only three nights, time was a constraint. However, we ended up with some other issues and I spent a couple of days (or a day more) staying in the hotel room. Vegas might be an unlucky place for me. I will probably give it another go. I seem to like Vegas, even with no known reason.

25 thoughts on “Hilton Grand, LV

  1. My husband is taking our son to Las Vegas this next spring for his spring break so we’ll definitely check that out and we have RCI already but a 20-minute ride to the strip he might not go for that. In the past we stayed at Excalibur which is typically around 30 to $70 a night rooms aren’t nice but it’s right on the strip and you spend such little time in them unless you have a kid like you did then you need about a room. This is a great review and that ducky did look real awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It isn’t too far, really. I think more like 20-minute brisk walk, on the boulevard, past Circus Circus. 😁 After partying though, Taxi/Uber might be advisable and could get to a $20 trip. That’s why we walked part of it it and rode another part. 😁 It’s really such an awesome accommodation though. Fortunately, as long as you’re in Vegas, and partying, it is a lot of fun. I’m sure your husband and son will enjoy the spring break.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice accommodations! The full kitchen, laundry and bath make it a lot more convenient, and pleasant when staying someplace for any length of time. I haven’t been to the southern part of the state in quite some time. I’ll have to keep the Hilton in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ag shame Anne not being able to afford budget hotels like the the Palazzo or the Venetian in Las Vegas, must have been heart breaking πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    You should have consulted me. I know someone who knows someone :).

    It is great to be able to visit all these places, enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha!

      Oh, George, why didn’t you say so sooner? I wouldn’t have acted like Andy. (Or should I refer to them as Danny and Benedict?)

      One thing: that RCI exchange program is worth it. This accommodation and the one in Florida, in Orange Lake (I must still write a blog post on it) are really great resorts. They’re family friendly… although Vegas isn’t much so when you have small kids, I suppose.


    2. P.S.
      Truly heartbreaking.

      If we had each other’s numbers on WhatsApp, you’d see my status today about that R1M tax-free discretionary allowance that can be used for travel and gifts. While I’d rather have the problem of paying tax on amount in excess of R1M spent on travel instead of not having R1M to spend on travel per annum, I don’t understand why SARS wants to tax an after-tax money just because you want to use it to travel outside of South Africa.


      1. I know, I know… but if you already paid 45% tax, since you would be on that tax bracket if you have more than R1M to spend on travels, it is a bit much. You’re basically working your behind off so you can give the government more than what you get, and then, only the government officials and their cronies truly benefit.

        Okay, okay, I shouldn’t complain because at least our roads are not bad, right? Hmm, although, that comes from the fuel tax, which we pay out of our after-tax money.

        Come to think of it, I don’t know where my income tax money goes, except the politicians’ pockets, because safety and security is an issue still. Or, do we not pay enough to deserve a safe and secure country?

        You’re lucky, you’re not on my WhatsApp. Haha! Hilton Grand post isn’t where we discuss SARS and safety and security in South Africa. How’s that for the asses? I mean “eses”? As in many letter s… how do you write that? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


  4. Hi, Anne. I was trying to comment on your Cape Town post, but the comment space wasn’t there. Was it disabled? I was trying to say about how Cape Town doesn’t look dangerous at all in photos. Beautiful buildings and stuff, and that it looks much more dangerous here in Indonesia, and much other bla bla bla but now it’ll look so irrelevant to put all those stuff here, in Hilton LV post. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, Anne,
    I have tagged you on a blog tag, I hope you don’t mind. There’s this Special Blogger Award, which I was tagged by another blogger, where you’re supposed to answer ten questions and then share it. But of course, if you don’t want to, no obligation at all. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Carissa. Thanks so much for your support. I appreciate it a great lot that you are part of my WordPress community, for reading my posts, etc. Thank you for your comment.

      I don’t know what is wrong with my Cape Town post, why comments are disabled. I might have to check via the laptop.

      I think like all places, there are areas that are more dangerous. We were still in the pretty safe parts of the city, and indeed, Cape Town is less scary than Johannesburg, where I live, although the suburb where we live exactly is not as bad as the Central Business District. I haven’t been to Indonesia and I’d love to go. My father goes there a couple of times a year these days as he checks up on a project there. I just don’t know which part he goes to. I’d probably go to Bali, where everyone goes. 😁

      Thank you very much for tagging me for a Special Blogger Award. I will check it out. It’s an honor. Thank you! πŸ™‚πŸ€—πŸ’—


      1. Bali would be a great introduction of Indonesia for you!! We’re supposed to have much more than Bali, but I am not a traveler myself, so sadly I have nowhere else to suggest. Google must know things of Indonesia better than I do. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am sure that if you look, you will find that even your own backyard could be inviting to a foreign traveler. 😁 Traveling for me is a great way to learn and grow.

        Liked by 1 person

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