Memories of Italy

I went to Milan and Rome, Italy, very briefly in 2009. Of the Vatican images I shared, there is one image that, at a quick glance, could make us think there were no people/tourists at the Vatican at the time my picture was taken. I did linger longer than the majority of the tourists did after the Sunday mass and I caught that lucky moment when I made the other tourists inconspicuous, if only for a moment.

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These days, a picture of the Vatican City without tourists is a sad reflection of what is happening in Italy and the rest of the world.

I will visit Italy again. I will go back to Milan and Rome. I will go to other parts of Italy. I am looking forward to it.

Soon, again…

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…be a better version of the one who went there before!

Rome - Vatican City Rome – Vatican City

I know that the “When in Rome..” phrase is such an old cliché so please pardon my use of it.  I have reminders for my future self on my next trip to Rome. My first visit can easily be classified as a fail.  It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my trip.  It simply means it leaves an opportunity for huge improvement.

I was on a solo trip to Rome for 2 days and 2 nights.  In hindsight, company is a must next time I visit Rome. The Romans I encountered were not at all friendly so bringing my own friends will ensure I don’t feel absolutely alone.

Or, perhaps it was only because I got sick.

I wasn’t sick when I got to Rome.  I was absolutely fine when I landed in Fiumicino. I would have preferred to…

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