Between Countries

Last year today, April 13, we were crossing the border between South Africa and Botswana to visit my parents in Gaborone where they lived. We were celebrating my mother’s birthday.

SA-Bots Borderpost 201904
SA-Botswana Border, Botswana (Gaborone) side

This year, my mother is in the Philippines, on an island in Quezon (province), in the Luzon region, my father is in Myanmar and I am in South Africa. It is definitely a different year.

Four years ago, we were on our way back from Manila to Johannesburg.

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April 13 seems to be our day to be between countries. That was when borders were open.

Today, at 21:10 South African time, SAA flight SA203 is supposed to take us from Johannesburg to New York, where we would spend a couple of days before heading out to Orlando, Florida…

We do not know when we will be able to go.

Until then, I look back at our last flights and stops between SA and USA. This was in December 2018 and January 2019.

DXB for a brief stop

201812 Flight SA-NY (5)

JFK, NY in December 2018

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JFK, NY in January 2019

201901 NY JFK

MXP, Milan
201901 NY JFK to Milan (2)
Approach in Malpensa, Milan
201901 NY JFK to Milan (1)
Approach in Malpensa, Milan

We had an hour or two stop in Malpensa, Milan before proceeding to Dubai.

Dubai, UAE

The layover is Dubai was way too long. Although we survived it without booking into a hotel, it will not be something I will do again. I would rather we spent a day in the city, as I did in 2009 on my way back from the UK.

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Then, we were back home…

201901 SA ORT

…where we are staying put until the world is once again open for travels.

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