My Spot in NYC

Have you seen the New York Public Library? In a movie, perhaps? Or, do you know of the library?

I first saw the library in the 2004 movie, The Day After Tomorrow. I didn’t think much of it until Sex and the City, when Carrie Bradshaw decided she would marry Mr. Big in the New York Public Library. It became significant when romance came in to the picture.

NYPL 20181213 (8b)
Can you see New York on the other side of this magnificent window?

To be honest, we didn’t go looking for the library. I don’t even think we had any must-do or must-see in New York. We only flew in to NYC; we were heading out to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando. In New York, Manhattan was the destination. We said we would go to Central Park and Grand Central Station. We didn’t. There was no time. We just kept walking in Manhattan. Without intention, we found the library. We were walking in front of the impeccable building. It is not different from how we ended up in the Empire State Building. We were in a Starbucks for coffee and to hide from the cold when we realized the iconic New York landmark was only several steps away.

NYPL 20181213 (1)

We spent some time in the library, taking pictures and feasting my eyes on the magnificence of the interiors. I was in awe. I loved the arches, stairs, walls, ceilings, lights, windows and all things beautiful. Mostly, the awe is due to the size of the place. The high ceilings are imposing.

NYPL 20181213 (3)

NYPL 20181213 (4)

NYPL 20181213 (6)

NYPL 20181213 (9)

NYPL 20181213 (13)

NYPL 20181213 (10)

NYPL 20181213 (12)

NYPL 20181213 (8a)

We were also in the shop awhile. It happens when the desires do not match the budget. Nonetheless, I bought some souvenirs and gifts. I kept a pouch, a notebook and a fridge magnet; the usual suspects.

Since we were there at Christmastime, I had to have a Christmas tree.

If I were a New Yorker, I would probably come here often. Fortunately, I love books. I read them and I dream to write them. It also helps that outside, not far away, are stores that sell my other favorite things: shoes.

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And, like Carrie, I would want to get married here, too, where all the love stories are housed, as she said.

Do check out the New York Public Library if you’re in NYC.

9 thoughts on “My Spot in NYC

  1. Ah… makes me suddenly recognize how much I enjoyed occasionally just sitting in the local college library with a book and a coffee. Of course, it’s not such a magnificent cultural landmark as the NYC version. But it’s a pleasant reading space with a young attitude. Alas, like everything else, “closed”.

    Stay safe… and sane! ◖|◔◡◉|◗

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    1. I hope you’re keeping well. I didn’t think I would allow myself to disappear during lockdown. Indeed, I did. I have allowed the uncertainty to affect me. But, not all is lost and I may not be present here at the moment but I am around and will be back.

      Stay safe… and yes, sane! Much love.

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      1. Nice to hear from you, Anne! And likewise, well-wishes to you.

        I understand completely.. The world has been tipped on its side and everything has been rather suddenly and untidily rearranged. I feel it as well, and it’s been apparent (even to myself) in my writing. The routines don’t seem to work anymore. New ones, at least temporarily, have to be tested. But good cheer to you. And may it increase as your lengthening days

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  2. My daughter loves going to that library! I’m a taxi driver and I mostly drive in Manhattan. Sometimes she’ll hop on and ask me to drop her of there. I’ve never been inside though! would love to see it

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    1. Oh, you must go. It is so awe-inspiring being in there, over and above the interest that tourists seem to have. I hope you do find a moment to visit.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your comment. Keep well and stay safe.

      Liked by 1 person

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