Must Love Travel

20181215 NY (to LV) (7)

We would have been in Orlando now, for a week of relaxation, back at the Holiday Inn Club Vacation at Orange Lake Resort. However, at the time of writing, all Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resorts will be closed until at least May 1, 2020, according to the website. Our love for travel is taking a back seat, our planned vacation postponed.

20181215 NY-LV (1)

On December 29, 2018, we left San Diego for Orlando. We had been up and around, starting off in New York.

20181215 NY-LV (2)

From New York, we went to Las Vegas. In case you didn’t know, while Emirates allow two checked-in suitcases for free for your international flights, you will need to pay extra for your flights within the US. (I should do a post on what to remember, what to do and what not to do while gallivanting in America.)

20181215 McCarran LV (4)

20181215 McCarran LV (5)

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Next destination was San Diego, although it was more a base, one that was miles away from where we spent most of our time, Los Angeles.

We actually flew to LA. I am writing a novel and my main character flies from McCarran to LAX. I don’t live in America so this was research. (I am left stuck though because I am not happy with the scenes in Vegas. More importantly, work has not allowed me to continue. I don’t quite know if it’s time I don’t have or my creativity is missing.)

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We drove from Los Angeles to San Diego. We drove a lot between the two places. We learned that we should never ever do what we did. (I really should do a post on what to remember, what to do and what not to do while gallivanting in America.) For people who use the metric system, 120 miles did not seem far. In South Africa, 120 kilometers is easy. (This is similar to how my mind handles the money situation in the States. I do not realize that $10 is about R15 (much more right now) until the notification arrives on my phone.)

We also don’t have the traffic that Los Angeles has. We love to travel, but even that love is tested when you have to drive to LA in the morning and drive back to San Diego at night. It is more challenging for the likes of me who like to sleep in. Vacation for me means not having to rush at all.

Orlando was our last stop. We couldn’t stay the full week we booked, and we loved the place, so we scheduled a do-over, which was to be a week from this yesterday, Saturday.

We had one stop: Atlanta. I think I almost left our phones at the airport. I was charging them while we were waiting to board. Hubby had to rush back out of the plane to the gate. We were so lucky that they were still there. (We wouldn’t have been fortunate had that happened at OR Tambo International Airport, or any airport in South Africa, for that matter.) What saved me was probably my habit of checking my phone as soon as we are boarded, while settling in on my seat.

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One thing I will do differently is to book our internal flights before we leave South Africa. We couldn’t get a flight back from Orlando, Florida to New York. I prefer to fly. At least, hubby prefers to drive. He insists it is cheaper, even with two stops. He carries a massive golf bag. We were lucky (again) to get an MPV from Alamo for the long drive. They didn’t charge us for returning the vehicle in New York.

20190102 Leaving Florida

We stopped in Richmond, Virginia for the night, and because we had an evening flight, we even got to stop in Philadelphia for a quick sightseeing.

We will be driving again, I understand.

This year, when we can travel again, we will drive from New York to Orlando and back. We will probably have two stops each way. We will do the road trip better than the last, I am sure.


3 thoughts on “Must Love Travel

    1. Thanks so much, Valerie! 🤗❤

      I am sorry it took me so long to respond. It’s as though the lockdown has taken over me and I have become even more lethargic and chosen to hibernate and focus on mundane and physical, alternately. Or, I have just found another excuse for my lethargy that probably needs attention. 😁

      I hope you are keeping well and staying safe. Much love and hugs. 🥰🤗

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