A Family Travel Vlog

…of some sort.

Almost five months later, we see a bit of development. We were caught off-guard by a pandemic that seems to be set on erasing the whole year of 2020, but thankfully, we recover.

We may not be traveling as planned yet but halfway through August, the powers that be finally said we could travel locally.

During the lockdown, we stumbled upon TikTok and we had been there since we disappeared from here. We have done well so far although we didn’t grow organically. The semi-success of our TikTok account prompted some of our friends and followers to suggest that we try out YouTube.

We finally succumbed to the call.

I have not given up on blogging though. I am hoping that the energy in the family vlog will positively influence the world of writing.

For now, this is where we are.

We hope to see you on all media.

How have you all been?

Much love,

Anne J

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