Quick Answer: What does it mean to make a well in cooking?

+ Larger Image. A traditional method used for mixing flour with other ingredients to form dough used for preparing bread or other baked goods. A clean, smooth work surface, such as a large board or a marble slab, is best for combining the flour with the other ingredients using this method.

What does well mean in baking?

Baking & Cooking Terms

Boil To cook until liquid is so hot it forms bubbles
Simmer To cook in liquid over low heat so bubbles form slowly
Stir To mix round and round with a spoon
Toss To mix lightly
Well A hole made in dry ingredients in which you pour liquid

Why do you create a well when making pasta?

A well kneaded pasta dough will be a lot firmer than a bread dough. It’s important that at the end of kneading the pasta is flexible enough to roll out into a thin sheet.

What do we use to mix the ingredients?

Blending: This is used to distribute the ingredients in a batter or mixture evenly. Several tools can be used to blend a mixture. You can use a spoon, rubber spatula, whisk, or the paddle attachment on a mixer.

What does hydrate mean in cooking?

+ Larger Image. To restore the moisture of a product that has had the moisture removed by drying or dehydration. Rehydrate may also be referred to as a way to plump a dried food item or to reconstitute foods.

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Can you use cold eggs to make pasta?

Depending on the size of the eggs, the humidity, and even the temperature in the room, you may need more or less. In making pasta it is important to avoid cold so use room temperature eggs. Also, do not work on a naturally cold surface such as marble or stainless steel.

What does it mean to create a well with flour?

This is a method for placing flour on the work surface in a shortened cone, in which a crater or well is formed that is large enough to hold the wet ingredients for a dough, whether sweet or savory.

What happens if you overcook fresh pasta?

If the pasta is overcooked it becomes mushy. It is better to have it undercooked rather that overcooked. The pasta should be slightly undercooked if it is going to be added to another dish, expose to further cooking, or added to a hot soup.

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